Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contact Women's Triathlon

Let me just start by saying I don't think 5am wake-ups are quite my thing.  There is something wrong with waking up when it is still dark and the stars are still out.

This morning we set off for Palmerston North for the Contact Women's Triathlon.  It is another event that is really just aimed at getting people to participate and I was especially excited because the swim would be in the pool rather than the sea.  So no chance of becoming a shark's next lunch...

We got there on time and then it was time to get ready and set up our transition area.

 Sarah was very kind and she picked up our race packs the day before.

We were a group doing this event today.  Wendy (Rose's sister) is visiting from the UK, Rose and I roped Sarah in to do the event with us and it was so lovely catching up with Denise who we met at the Saturday training sessions for the Kapiti Women's Triathlon.
From left to right:  Wendy, Rose, Me, Denise, Sarah
Of course I do have to say thank you to our support crew, official photographers and cheering squad.

Mike (Rose's husband) and Terence
At 7:30 it was time for the race briefing.

Then we were encouraged to do a warm up session.

The first leg of the race was a 300m swim.  We had to do 6 lengths in a 50m pool.

Lining up more or less in our waves.  Rose, Wendy, Sarah and I were both in the 3rd wave and Denise was in the 2nd wave.
Almost my turn to get into the pool.
And I'm off...
Wendy, Rose and Sarah making their way down the lanes
About to go into the next lane.
Oh dear...I don't think Val will like my technique here...
 The second leg of the race was a 9.5km bike ride.

 The third leg (the 3km run) is the part I enjoyed the least.

Off I go for my run.
Towards the end of the run I caught up with Denise and we finished together.


 Rose, Wendy, Sarah and I were really happy to finish our event.

This was such a fun event and I will definitely do this again next year.  

According to the website my time is 53 minutes 18 seconds with an overall place of 63rd (out of 155). 


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Well done ladies! Rather you than me lol!

Paul said...

Great result, Lea! You've worked hard for this and you're in the top half! Way to go!

Sarah said...

She did work hard, her enthusiasm is contagious, she's already booked me in to the 2013 Kapiti Triathlon!! and Lea, that's such a great result, I hope you're proud of it :)

Sarah said...

oh, and , thanks for asking me to join you all, it was such a fun morning :) and I'd book the cheer squad again, although perhaps they should have a few lessons with Bianca beforehand and bring some pom poms next time!!

Julia said...

53 minutes is FANTASTIC. Well done!

Unknown said...

Well done!! I enjoyed the Wellington one yesterday, I much rather would have preferred the pool swim compared to the ocean!

Sharon said...

Bloody well done! You are amazing!

Lea in Mississippi said...

Hello Lea,
Great to see the photos to get a feel for it all.
Lea's Menagerie

Kevin and Ruth said...

Congratulations on completing the triathlon. I think you had a great finish time. Looks like there was a great turnout for the event and that everyone had a great time.

Kevin and Ruth

amanda said...

Well done Lea!! So proud of you. And I love the photo of your photographer and cheer team!!
Love mum xx

Hayley said...

Well done!!!!!

RosemaryO said...

Great job! You should be proud of yourself. Way to go! Great pictures too from your crew!

blackhuff said...

Very well done! I'm sure you're proud of yourself and so you should be :)
Love the photos

Marcia (123 blog) said...


affectionforfitness said...

Oh, very good Lea! I just love the friends pictures. It is so much fun to have friends who experience these amazing life experiences with you.

:-) Marion

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by you! Well done and way to go!