Monday, March 26, 2012

A productive exercise day

I started another blog entry and for a bit I was sitting here wondering "should I?" or "shouldn't I?" and then in the end decided not to.  I think when it comes to a blog it is important to be careful what you put for people to read because you don't always know what people will make of it or how they might interpret what you write and how it is in your head is sometimes seen as quite different to how you intended it.  A bit like when I write poetry.   I would hate for people to take something the wrong way.  Just recently I shared 2 poems - this one (click here) and another one which I ended up taking off because I felt concerned what people might think reading it, and I would hate to accidentally hurt or offend people.  I still have the blog I created specifically for my poems and thought it probably is best just to share it on that blog rather than here. Not that I've written anything new recently.  But yes, sometimes I forget people can't see inside my head.  But anyway... I'm rambling... And that is never a good thing.  Apologies.

Change of subject...

Some of you might know that for a while now I've worked with Paul and his music.  Well not "work" in the formal sense of the word, more just I've been interested and wanted to learn more so started recording some of Paul's songs for YouTube.  Which is great because this way Paul gets to share his music with others.

One of the songs Paul recently shared on his blog is this one:

I just love the words in this one!

One of Paul's blog followers then shared his own version of Paul's song on his blog (click here)

Wow, 2 versions of the same song and it sounds so different.  Makes me wish I could sing and play like they do!  I like both versions.  But to be honest my favourite version is one Paul did on the piano.  Some of Paul's songs are amazing on the piano and it just suits it so well, like this one:

Today I was really productive on the exercise front.  Which is good because there is a particular goal that Rose, Denise and I are starting to work on and let's just say we've got our work cut out for us.  And I believe the word "crazy" has been used too.

This morning I went for a swim.  Apart from actually enjoying it, it is important that I practise what Val teaches us every Friday and certainly for next year's Kapiti Women's Triathlon I want to be significantly more confident swimming in the sea and waste less energy swimming the 400m.  So this morning I decided to swim for an hour and just see how many lengths I am able to do.  I wasn't focused on speed, but simply to try and keep going for about the time I thought I would be there and by the end of it (a little bit over an hour) I did about 80 lengths.  There were brief stops between each length, but they were mostly only brief to either wait for the other person in the lane who was about to get going or to get ready to swim back up or back down the lane.  And by the end of it I wasn't feeling all that tired and probably (no definitely) could have gone on a bit longer.  So I felt a bit surprised.  There is still technique I'm not doing as well as I should, but I guess practise makes perfect.  Well I hope so! 

Later on I did a bit of a bike ride.  Not a long ride, but since it was such a lovely day decided to make the most of it.  The flat bits are nice.  The downhills amazing.  The uphills...not so much. No I lie...I hate uphills especially when you look at the road and it doesn't look like much of an uphill - but boy does that catch me off guard each time... and I'm a long way off from enjoying having any kind of hills as part of my exercise.  They weren't even particularly challenging hills.  Sigh! 

How was your day today?  Did you have a good start to your week?


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Well I was the Anti-Lea! :D I did bugger all...buuuuut tomorrow I am meeting a friend so we can walk around Hamilton Lake, it takes about 45-50 mins depending on how fast you walk. ON Saturday whilst we were waiting fpr Michael's rugby game to start(the ref didn't show...again!) I walked around the edge of the park, it tokk about 25 to 30 mins. So I's starting slow, and I'm watching what I eat, cut out the crap and so far feeling good. I don't know what I weigh, I don't care, I don't have scales in the house, I just want to up my fitness and hopefully lose some weight, but I've set no goals, that way I can't get despondent if nothing happens :D
As for the SPAM, I wasn;t inundated it was just a pain that some appeared because of the changes, Changed back and none since. Perhaps the spammers should get out and get more fresh air haha

Paul said...

Thanks Lea for putting my songs on your post! Well done with the biking and swimming. Looking forward to improving my own swimming next term. Like you I need to work on technique. Trust me the hills will get easier but the truth is that they will always require more effort!

Ellie said...

It's amazing how the same song can sound so different with different singers isn't it?
Well done with the swimming - 80 lengths is a lot. I am a terrible swimmer and I think it is all in the technique.
I have been for a nice long walk this morning and feel invigorated by it - so that is good.
In your comment on my newest post - I did eat some of those nuts - but not all. And I love walnut cake sounds yummy :))

Buttons said...

Hi Lea I am tired just reading your workout routine. I think having a special blog for your poems is a great idea. I love your poems. Paul makes nice music to your poems too.
I sometimes write things and wonder if people get it too. You are right no one can see in my head I and I grateful for that LOL.
Take care Lea have a great week. b

Hayley said...

Oh yes, I am the same way...I have a hundred blog posts in my head, but I know it will come out all wrong when I write it, I am such a bad writer...and someone will be offended. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't worry so much... :-)