Thursday, March 29, 2012

I've become one of those people

I've become one of those people.  The kind I never thought I'd be.  The kind I would normally look at and say "just listening to you makes me feel exhausted".  This whole week so far I've gone out every single day and did something exercise-wise.  I've had 2 swim sessions, 2 bike sessions and 2 run sessions so far.  Okay the 1 run session that I did with Rose the other night didn't really count as the pace was much too slow for me.

Recently it's been suggested that I might want to do a few run sessions on my own too so I could push myself a bit harder.  Tonight I did and managed to do a 5km distance in 32 minutes 17 seconds.  I didn't run the whole way, but had a few brief walking sessions.  Partly I think I may have gone just a tiny bit too fast (for me), but also my mind keeps playing games with me and then I lose focus and instead of just focusing on getting into a rhythm I start focusing on how much effort it is.  I really need to get my head around working out the right pace and hopefully at our Saturday training session Lynley will have some good advice with that.  Halfway my legs did get a bit sore, but I coped and it's not too bad right now.  Will see tomorrow if I'm able to actually walk after tonight's session.

I recently stumbled upon an old email and I couldn't help laughing.  It was in August last year that I emailed one of my previous bosses who likes to run and is pretty good at it.  I wanted to know how on earth I was supposed to get started with running.  He suggested at the time that  I run 1, walk 1 parapole.  I kind of looked at this and wasn't quite sure what "parapole" was supposed to mean.  Now I know English is my second language (with Afrikaans my first), but I would say that my English is pretty good.  So I Googled the term parapole.  The last thing I wanted was to ask him and make a complete idiot of myself.  And yes, you guessed it, Google didn't know either.  So I took a chance to ask my ex-boss what this term meant (thinking that maybe it was some or the other fancy running term).  Couldn't help laughing when he replied "duh, I meant power pole".

I have a long way to go still and I am nowhere near the point where I can say that going out and doing exercise is fun or easy, but I'm working on it.  And I guess that's what's important at the end of the day.


blackhuff said...

I am liking that time you did the 5k in. That really is a very good time.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm glad you said it! You do make me tired just reading about all this exercise but it is awesome :)

Bron said...

LOL - I just googled power pole! First I came up with this magic mind stick and thought I really need one of those to help me run too!!
Then I realised duh - power pole!! We dont have those in the city (I using that as a blonde moment excuse...)