Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pooh bear and gardening

Bianca and Caitlyn have rediscovered the world of Pooh Bear and Harold and the Purple Crayon

Last night I went through some old containers and took out all the old DVDs the kids used to watch when they were little and that we since packed away to clear some space.  Two of our friends have really young kids and we thought that maybe they might have better use for these DVDs that our kids have outgrown a bit. 

So of course as soon as the girls saw the old DVDs they insisted on watching them again.  I don't mind the Winnie-the-Pooh DVDs or Harold and the Purple Crayon, but when Bianca insisted on watching Teletubbies I put my foot down.  Most definitely not!!

Today I mostly spent outside lining and filling the last 2 (of the 4) garden boxes Terence made for me a while back.  I was hoping to get out bike riding but by the time I was done filling the boxes it was nearly time to get the kids from school and then Bianca had her cheerleading session after that.  At least my arms got a workout today ;-).

Other than that today was mostly just a quiet low key day.  How was your day today?  What did you get up to?


LatteJunkie said...

I love Pooh Bear :)

Today was very low key, I pottered around at home and tried to organise a big surprise (more in May) but that was about it really.

Also made a VERY disappointing dinner - only meal I've ever made that Monkey said "Please don't make this again, unless you just make the rice."

Paul said...

Loved watching children movies with our girls when they were little. Proves I suppose that I am really just a big kid at heart. Sounds like you've had a productive day! A pity you couldn't get out for a ride. Ten hill climbs tomorrow should make up for it! Just jokes!

blackhuff said...

I also love it when the kids do decide to watch old DVD's because one tends to enjoy it again so much :)

Lien - all new adventures said...

It's all about diggers and helicopters in my household, and those come from youtube :-)

My day was a little hectic - work was just...typical frantic work. I won't bore you to tears with the details. Believe me, I just wanted to lock myself in a cupboard and hide from people today!


Maria said...

Just another day at the office! lol Before I went to work though I did a big load of washing as we've had so much wet weather lately, the pile was building up! We have lots of old children's movies on video stored in plastic crates...I reckon they are on the way out. It'll just be DVD and blu-ray soon so maybe I'll have a big cleanout; maybe give them to our girls? they range in age from 31 down to 26! lol

cat said...

Love Pooh bear and Tigger.

I had a dof of a day

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Why does Piglet smell! Cos he plays wiv Pooh!! ♥