Sunday, March 4, 2012

A relaxing weekend spent with friends

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last blog entry!  I really appreciate it!  Lien, I'll share my talk (or at least what I intended to say) shortly, but I've not had a chance to type it out.

And so another weekend has come to an end.  For most of it it was simply a quiet relaxing weekend spending time with friends.

On Friday and Saturday evening Paul and I caught up on gmail chat and listened to some Elliott Smith concerts together.  We listen to his music and then we discuss which tracks we like and what we think of the lyrics.  There are very few of Elliott Smith's songs we don't like, but choosing favourites has become a really hard job - there are just too many we like!

Yesterday afternoon Mike and Rose invited us to go and visit them at their house and in the end they asked us to stay for dinner.  Because the weather was absolutely miserable it was a great way to end up spending our Saturday.

This afternoon Rose and I decided to go out and get some training in for our upcoming triathlon.  We planned to do a bike ride and a run, but then we found it was way too windy and decided to just do the 3km run.  We only did a 3km run because we were trying to work out how long it would take us.  The run in the upcoming triathlon is 3km.  Today I managed it in 21 minutes and Rose did 23 minutes.  Tomorrow we'll be doing a bike ride and a swim session.  Rose and family then came to our place for dinner.

And that was pretty much our weekend in a nutshell. 

So what did you get up to this weekend?


LatteJunkie said...

We didn't do much, braved the mall yesterday and today we had a quiet brunch watching it rain in Petone and a quiet afternoon at home.

So glad you had a great weekend!

Hayley said...

Our weather here has been we spent it outside as much as possible...needless to say I am now blood red :-)

PS. I was busy frantically replying to your comment on my blog (from my phone in bed) and somehow deleted it...heaven knows how.
Was going to say: absolutely. My MIL had cancer while she was in NZ, sadly she passed away, but she received such great care over there. Just another reason, why I am trying to enjoy the little things, to be grateful for what we have, those small little monents, that so many people take for granted (me included).