Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random thoughts on a rainy Tuesday

Apologies, my thoughts are a bit random and all over the place today and since I don't feel particularly inspired today, I'll just share a bunch of things that's happening now.

Thank you for all the supportive comments left after my triathlon event.  I really appreciate all the support! :-)

Tomorrow I am doing my next talk at a fundraising event for the Child Cancer Foundation.  Yesterday I spent time trying to get my head around what to share and work on a presentation with slides of photos.  I've made some changes to the last one because I really really really really don't want to become all emotional again right from the start of my talk. 

Bianca will come along again and will possibly help out again at the auction.  I've seen the run sheet and it looks like it will be a great evening.  It does mean though that Bianca and I will come back really late so I'll probably keep her home from school on Thursday.

I really like this song.  Every parent of young kids (or those with older kids, but memories from when they were young) will be able to appreciate this song :-)

It seems after all these years (I don't even know how many years to be honest), it will be pay-back time.  My mum has been sorting out things at home as she is preparing to move here and one of the things she stumbled upon is an old mother's day card I made on behalf of my brother and myself.  Included with this card I made some vouchers for her to cash in for things like mowing the lawns, washing the car, doing the dishes, making coffee and so on.  And in my 10 year old wisdom (or whatever my age was then) I never put an expiry date... :-).

The tooth fairy visited our house last night.  Bianca lost one of her baby teeth she still had. The first night Bianca had her tooth so well hidden that the poor tooth fairy couldn't find it and so a note was left, but last night there were no issues.

And that's pretty much it.  Sorry, not a very exciting blog entry today!  What's happening in your life right now?


Ellie said...

Oh dear, is your mum going to cash in those vouchers now lol.
You are lucky, when our girls were wee the tooth fairy sometimes even forgot to come - how shocking is that?

Paul said...

Kate and Alice did the voucher thing for Jo a few years ago. Thanks for including my song in your post. Glad you like it. All the best for your talk tomorrow!

cat said...

I love these everyday posts. Good luck with the talk and hec, your mom is going to cash in.

Lien - all new adventures said...

Hey Lea, well done with your triathlon. You are so good for being motivated and you should be so proud of your placing.

My son loved Paul's song! I played it today and afterwards Kien clapped and shouted "yay!".

Can you PLEASE make sure you get at least a photo of you up on the podium this time?!? Jeeze, I have half a mind to come and film it myself!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You'll be even more awesome this time :)

Just relax, focus on your message and talk from your heart.

and let me know how it went afterwards

All About People said...

Hi Lea,

You call that random? It was a fabulouslya authentic post and I enjoyed reading it. Great that you included the multi-talented Paul aswell.

As for the talk tomorrow - remember what we used to do at Dale - you have done the hard work of the preparation - now just trust yourself to deliver it!

Please let me know how you get along.

George Savva x