Friday, March 30, 2012

Photos as promised...

Recently I did this post (click here). I promised that as soon as I got some photos taken by The Professionals' photographer that I would share this.  Yesterday Scott from CCF forwarded me some of the photos they took.

The start of my talk (and quietly wishing I would not cry)

I looked up at the screen to make sure I was at the right slide.

It was here where I became emotional - almost at the end of my talk.
There are more photos on their Facebook page (click here). I'm hopeful that what I shared that night had sufficient impact. 

I was looking at the little ticker on our old blog and it says:
Seems hard to believe that 2.5 years have gone by since Bianca finished treatment.  In one way it seems a bit like a lifetime ago and in others just like yesterday and to be honest there are moments that feels a bit overwhelming when I sit down and really think about it.  I don't trust "tomorrow".  Not anymore.  I used to and then things changed without warning way back in 2007. Without giving us the luxury of time.  I think that was the first time I truly grasped the concept of just how short life really is and how you have to make the most of "today".  People always think "it only happens to others" and then we became "the other people". 

But anyway.  Today just seems a bit of a reflective day for me so I'll sign off here.

Hope your Friday is going well.  What do you have planned for the weekend?


Anonymous said...

Your looking good from here Lea. Thanks for the pics.
Re the ticker.... I agree, live in the present and make the most of every moment. Hugs Sue

blackhuff said...

Thank you for the photos.
2.5 years already?
I agree, it's always better to live in the "now."

Lien - all new adventures said...

Here's a shallow comment from me...

I love what you are wearing! :-)

Something less shallow...

Yay, 2 years 6 months 3 weeks - awesome numbers for counting last treatment day!