Friday, March 23, 2012

Productive but quiet Friday

Today was teacher's only day.  In our world it means teachers go off and do something (not sure what, but I once saw on The Simpsons that they go off to fun amusement parks and do rollercoaster rides on teacher only days ;-) ) and we keep the kids at home. 

For most of it we just had a quiet day at home and then at 1pm Bianca, Caitlyn and I went to the local New World where we collected money for CCF.  Bianca was wearing her beads and Caitlyn wore her sibling beads and that is really so effective.  One person walked past and said "please tell me she didn't actually earn all those beads" and I nodded my head "yes, yes she did - every single one of them".  

Later it was time for Rose and my swimming lesson.  I was actually really looking forward to it.  Got there and... well some kid decided to use the swimming pool instead of the toilets and so our swim lesson was cancelled.  So then since we had the babysitter booked anyway we deliberated to go for a coffee or do the right thing and go for a run. 

We did the right thing and went for a run.  I was not sure how my legs would cope, but we kept the pace on the slower side and I was pleasantly surprised when we did 7km without any walking at all.  It took us 56 minutes 29 seconds and that is the most (distance and time) I have ever run without stopping.  I could have gone a bit faster, but that was the right pace for Rose and I just stuck with her.  A good thing I think because of all the leg troubles I've had to date.  I think I could have easily continued running, but that was enough for one night I think.

Both Rose and I are really excited that our Saturday morning training sessions will be on again from tomorrow morning.  We have some pretty big goals ahead and kind of need all the help we can get.

How was your day?  Did you get up to anything special?


Paul said...

A shame you missed your swim but great you got a run. I can assure you we did a lot of productive work that will enhance the quality of our teaching at Waikanae School.

Ellie said...

That sounds like it was quite a pleasant day for you.
Pity you didn't get swimming but you did well with your run.
I'm very impressed that you can keep this up.
Have a great weekend.