Thursday, March 1, 2012


Last night was weird!

Usually when I dream I don't always remember what I was dreaming about.  But I found myself dreaming that I was waking up and noticed that I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to our bed.  And so I lay there completely baffled as to why I was there and how in the world that happened. Suddenly I realised that Terence was also there.  Really??? Why???  How???  I then suddenly woke up to realise that I was in fact lying in bed and not on the floor.  It felt so real.  It was the weirdest thing. 

I then proceeded to dream that Rose and I were doing some or the other event.  And the second part to the event was that we had to go on scooters (yes scooters - mine was a pink razor one like Caitlyn's), except when I got to mine, it was all taken apart by a child who thought it would be fun to take it apart and put it back together again.  Except I couldn't get him to actually put it together again.  His dad finally said he would sort it by the next day.  Rose then asked me "so if you can't use your scooter, what part will you play tomorrow?" And I said "Maybe I'll just be the prison guard as I won't need my scooter for that".  Oh my goodness!  What weird dreams! 

If you are into dream analysis please don't analyse my dream as I already know I'm half crazy ;-)

What was the weirdest dream you ever had?  Do you tend to remember your dreams when you wake up?

Last night reminded me of a very real and vivid dream I had when I was 13. 

When I was 13 (and in my last year of primary school) I had a dream that there was some or the other event at school.  Suddenly there was a fire and all of us were just running around like crazy.  It felt so real. 

What I didn't know was that this would pretty much happen the following year.

In 1990 I started high school at Sasolburg High School.  It was a really good school (click here for the website) with an extremely high standard of education.  They had lots of opportunity for cultural and after school activities.  And I think they had a great choice of subjects.  The only downside I think was the ugly orange and brown school uniforms. 

Every year they would have some or the other theme for their cultural festival.  That year was a German festival.  It is where everybody would dress up in traditional German clothes, do German dances and enjoy German food.  As per tradition, all the kids (all 900 and something of us) were to meet in the centre of town where we would light torches and then march all the way to school where the festivities would begin as soon as we all arrived. 

That night my mum dropped me off and then left so she could meet me back at school which was on the other side of town.  In this parking lot they put all the kids into their year groups and then the plan was that they would move us into the street where they would space us out so they could light all the torches ready for our parade.  Except somebody started lighting the torches while we were all in the parking lot and soon all the torches were lit, but because we were too close to each other somebody bumped into somebody else and well as you can imagine - absolute chaos.  There were flames and screaming and running kids everywhere.  I remember staring at flames under a car suddenly panicking thinking that I simply had to get away.  And then somebody told me to drop and roll in the sand as my hair was on fire.  I didn't get hurt (except a bit on my hand) because I was close to the fence and didn't end up running through all the flames, but my friend next to me got hurt quite a bit.  Several others had quite severe burns.  I think about 80 kids got injured.

I have no idea how my mum knew to come back, but I went to stand out by the road thinking that I would just wait there for her and the next moment she came driving past. 

I think that was the one and only time one of my dreams actually happened.

Have any of your dreams ever come true?


Paul said...

I remember aterrible nightmare I had at age 12 when the walls were closing in on me. I woke up and ran into the lounge where mum and dad had friends over.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I remember nothing when I wake but if I do, I just pray because I know it's GOT to be God.

The one time I didn't dream but woke very suddenly at about 3:50 (strange - I sleep like the dead) so I started praying. After about 30 mins I felt better so went back to sleep.

next morning I heard one of my members (we were pastors at the time) had been a victim of a hijacking in their home. The whole family was held up at gunpioint at just that time. But they were fine - people just took a few things and left. I believe that was God waking me up to pray for them.

Perhaps your mum can tell us if she remembers why she went back? Cool story but not so cool to live through!

Hayley said...

I have little moments in dreams (not often though) that come true...

Like I will dream about a person I havent heard of in years and thenout of the blue i hear from them...that kinda thing.

amanda said...

LEA, yes we will never forget that event will we? I am so grateful that you weren't hurt badly although you were very traumatised.

Marcia, as you say, it was an absolute blessing. I was at home after dropping Lea off in town. Her brother and I were planning on leaving after about an houror so to meet Lea at her school {where the walk was meant to end}
This "voice in my head" kept nagging me to go back to town. As I came to the area where I left Lea, I saw chaos and wondered how I would ever find my child amongst hundreds of panic stricken children! I parked my car and walked to the side of the road. As I looked up I saw Lea standing across the road from where I stood!!!

I praise GOD for nagging me and thank HIM abundantly for leading the way and keeping us safe!

Love you lots Lea xx

Julia said...

I dream A LOT! The weirdest stuff ever! I have been told to write them down as they would make a good book but I keep forgetting to do this.
I never used to dream so I think it's a side-effect of my AD medication. If the dream scares me, then I pray. If I dream of someone that I haven't seen in a while then I pray for them and I try to get in touch. If it's just plain weird and bothers me then I pray that God must reveal it to me IN HIS TIME. And you know what? He does EXACTLY that.