Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a few bullet points today...

  • Tonight Rose and I will go for our run.  Around 7pm.  I know we're nuts to want to go out that time, but it is quiet, the boys are back from work to take care of the kids and it will still be light enough.  Are we dedicated or what?
  • This coming Sunday Rose and I are doing a half marathon.  That would be a half marathon walk all along the beach.  I have no idea how long it will take us to walk 21km. 
  • The girls had their swim lesson today and they are both doing so well.  Bianca especially is making a lot of progress and we are finally at the point where Caitlyn doesn't spend the session crying anymore.
  • Can't believe the first school term is nearly over. Caitlyn loves school and has settled so well. It seems to have gone almost too fast.
  • Bianca had a netball practise session yesterday and loved it.  The only possible issue might be that we suspect her training days will be on a Thursday after school, but that is the same time as her cheerleading practise sessions.  So I'll need to email the teacher tonight and get an understanding of what is going to happen when.


Paul said...

So glad that Caitlyn has settled in to school life. All the best for Sunday's Half Marathon walk

blackhuff said...

I will shout from here in SA for you on Saturday. I'm sure it will go great.
School holidays are starting here on Friday. I like it. Save petrol money :) and Time.

cat said...

Wow, a half marathon walk! All the best. We put up a netball ring this weekend - A loves her netball

Bron said...

Yes I think you are dedicated:)
I will be thinking of you on Sunday and hope you enjoy it. I look forward to finding out how it goes. I might try walking 21km on our beach holiday next week, thanks for the good idea.

Buttons said...

Wow 21 K's good for you. Sounds like the girls are enjoying their busy lives. B

Lien - all new adventures said...

I read this post last night as I just sat down after struggling to put my little man to bed. I read your first point, and then your second point, and thought "Oh, Jeeze, there are some dedicated freaks out there. :-)

Have fun doing the half marathon. I did the Auckland Half last year and it almost killed me!

Wow, first term is almost over?!? That was fast. It's so good that Caitlyn loves school. It certainly makes a difference.

Have a lovely day!