Sunday, March 11, 2012

A long but good day!

Today was a long, but good day.  Today we treated as a trial run for next week Sunday when it is our next triathlon (click here).  We specifically wanted to see if we could fit 3 bikes into our car and 7 people in Rose and Mike's car (3 adults and 4 kids) and it worked really well. 

When we got to Palmerston North we met Sarah at the start of where the cycling course is. Next week it will be a 9.5km bike ride and it was nice to see that the course will be through quiet streets, mostly on the flat.  I did it in about 22 minutes which is a bit slower than I'd like to be. 

We did the 3km run next which was rather confusing as the map was incredibly hard to get our heads around and in the end the route we chose was not exactly as it will be next week.  I have to admit I really enjoyed the running course (never thought I'd say that...).  My legs still got a bit sore, but not too bad and I was able to mostly put it out of my mind.  While I didn't run the full distance and walked in places I was pleased that my breathing recovered quickly.

The swim will be 300m next week which will be 6 x 50m lengths in the pool.  I don't have a realistic time today as there were times we waited for each other to catch up.

I have no idea what my time next week might be because of course there will be transition times on top of the actual times it will take me to complete each leg of the event so we'll see. 

I have to say I really enjoyed today's session. 

Did you have a good weekend?  What did you get up to?


Julia said...

Awesome that you got a good practice in before the big day next week. Yesterday was an errands morning followed by a lazy afternoon of movies and napping. It's a scorcher in CT today (35 degrees) and we are taking the kids to the beach after lunch. Hopefully the roads will be open again (it's also the Argus Cycle Tour today so roads are closed for some of the day) and it will be cooler. Hey, you and Paul must come and do the cycle tour next year. Am thinking of buying a bike so I can do triathlons AND a cycle tour in 2014.

Marcia Francois said...

Ask me after naptime :)

If the second one sleeps, I'll consider it a good day :)

Good on you for all your practicing- you're amazing.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Off back to bed here, I'm worn out just reading about it! :D

Paul said...

Glad you're enjoying your training and feeling good. You'll do great!

cat said...

Had a very lowmtone and relaxed weekend. And wow,younare amazing