Sunday, March 25, 2012

A sunny day in the city making a difference

Today we mostly spent in the city.  We left Kapiti at about 9:30 after we picked Sarah up and then we headed off to the Chicago Sports Bar in the city. CCF had another fundraising event and organised a face painter, some people got their hair sprayed and a few brave ones (including Terence) got their heads shaved.  All for a good cause and every little bit helps :-).

Here are some photos that I took today:

The view from the motorway

Wellington City
Today was also a bit of a reunion.  When we got there we saw Steve from The Breeze Radio Station.  We last met him in 2008 during the CCF annual appeal and we were invited to be guests during their radio show.  Bianca was only 4 then, had virtually no hair and significantly less beads.  You can read all about that visit here (click here).
A reunion.

Caitlyn wanted to be a Tinkerbell Fairy

Sarah selling raffle tickets

This lady looked stunning with no hair!

Bianca shaved most of her dad's hair

Smile :-)

Our friend Lani - a good sport :-)

"Mum, look!  A bird man!"

After Terence got his hair shaved he wanted it painted at the back. To me it looks like Voldemort from Harry Potter :-)


Hayley said...

Great pics!

cat said...

Wondeful event and pictures. Gosh, all those beads just grabbed my heart. Bianca you won the big C

Paul said...

Love your photos, Lea! Looks like you had a great day in Wellington!

amanda said...

Just love the photo of Terence!!
with all the comments you will receive I am sure you can publish a a number of volumes!

The "head painter" deserves a huge award! What amazing talent.

Terence you are a very brave man and I am very proud of you! x

Ellie said...

Looks like you had a fab day - love the picture on the back of
Terence's head. :))

Lea in Mississippi, USA said...

Hello Lea,
Pretty view from the motorway - looks like wonderful weather for the trip.
Beautiful girls (big and little)!
The painting on the back on the head - so funny!
Have a blessed day!
Lea's Menagerie

Sarah said...

I think my best parts of the day, aside from getting the funds for CCF, were Caitlyn's "Look Mum it's a birdman" and Terrence in response to the girl's saying, "Now, do you mean my front face, or my back face?" (which is possibly not funny out of context, but it made us all laugh in the back of the car!)...parent's really do have eyes in the backs of their heads!!

Eric Opperman said...

So when do we get to see the back? Hehehehe