Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amazing support

Yesterday, I have to be honest, I felt really stressed.  Not about the Funrazor event itself because we have most things organised, but whether there will actually be other people there on the day (and I lost my number for Rent a Crowd...).

It is silly really because we'll be right in the middle of a busy shopping centre, at a time when lots of people will be out and about...  But suddenly I had these visions of the 4 of us (Mike Begbie, Matt Carlin, Terence and me) sitting there ready to get our hair shaved, Paul and his singing group ready to entertain and Daizy Design Facepainters all ready to paint and not a single person in sight.  You know when you see these movies and they show this ghost town with the tumbleweed rolling down the street and you can hear the wind howling around the corners of old buildings?  That was the image that kept popping up in my mind.  And I hate failure.  Like in big time.

Two things are really my downfall - one is that I let my ideas grow too big.  I can't just do something simple and small like normal people, and after our hospital visit I thought to myself "okay, that's it - I did my bit and I (hopefully) made a difference and that was my good deed for the year", but now?  Now I'm back onto the next project. A big one this time!  The other downfall is my fear of failure. It is what often holds me back taking chances, and when I do take a chance, then this fear drives me insane.  It makes me over-analyse the situation, question myself over and over whether it will work out.  And of course throw my perfectionism into the mix and I end up driving myself beyond the perfectly okay "it is good enough".  For me it has to be perfect!

Am I sorry that I took on this big project?  No. Supporting the Child Cancer Foundation is something I feel incredibly strong about.  The Child Cancer Foundation became family when we suddenly found ourselves on a completely lonely and difficult journey.  All our family are based overseas and nothing can ever prepare you to hear the words "your child has cancer".  It is the one time in life you really wish not to be picked for the team.  But we were picked.  And in an instant our lives changed.  Liked it or not, this was to become our new life. And if it was not for the support of the Child Cancer Foundation, I have no idea how we would have coped.  So I feel really strongly about giving something back.

I am simply amazed at the amount of support we have received for this event so far.  I feel incredibly blessed to know that there are so many who are trying to help make this a success.  To help make a difference.  There is Sarah who is helping me put this event together.  There are our friends Matt and Mike who will also be shaving their hair along with Terence and myself.  Both of them have been running around helping me organise spot prizes.  There is Coastlands for letting us use space at the mall.  Rodney Wayne will help us on the day.  There is Paul who kindly offered to bring his guitar and is even trying to organise some of his students to join him.  There is Paul's offer to donate $5 for every book / CD sold.  There is Daizy Design Facepainting who will paint faces with all money raised donated to CCF.  Gingersnaps Photography will be there to capture our day.  And for every person who sponsored Mike, Matt and myself on our fundraising pages.  And then all these companies who donated prizes to our event. 


There are still prizes coming in that have been promised and that we are waiting to arrive.  We're not quite there yet with the arrangements, but wow, I just feel so incredibly blessed!  The support is simply amazing!  Thank you!


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Julia said...

I guess nerves are par for the course. You can TOTALLY pull this one off and I just know that it will go well.
Your intentions are pure and your heart is in the right place. It's going to be AWESOME and you are all going to have so much fun while raising awareness.x

Buttons said...

You are amazing and this will work out for you. Have faith. B

Sarah said...

It most certainly will :)

Lea, I'll never know whether it's a result of what I went through as I can't go back and live the alternative (though I think you can understand it is a big contribution to my personality).....but I dream big and never give up and with a bit of hard-work you can do amazing things :) All of which I see you in you, and you have all of us to make sure your plans turn out the way you hope :) It will be an amazing day.

I'm already look forward to our next project, but before that the Funrazor is going to be such a fun day, a brilliant way to raise awareness and funds :)

Sarah said...

Thank you for the thank you :) I'm more than happy to be helping you out :)

and I think a massive thank you is owed to you, for initiating the whole Funrazor event...and for your incredible efforts in getting it going :) perhaps the success of this will help you feel less nervous with the next one!!

Oh, and I was in the centre of Coastlands today, and stood there imagining it all set up and was smiling, as I could just see it all...especially the crowd-we will have no issues with that :)

(I just hope people didn't think I was grinning inanely to myself!!)

Paul said...

Fantastic what you've put together so far. It will be a great Funrazor event and the Waikanae School children and I are excited to be invloved.

Merphin said...

We have plans to be there - not on the receiving end of the blade this year (maybe in years to come). But most definitely there so a crowd of 2 at least :D Honestly it will be fine - you have put so much time and thought into it and have been part of this before - you know what works.

Wonderful looking prizes and am like the auction - tho will be out of our league before too long once posted. Keep up the hard work and we will see you there :D

Anonymous said...

and we're excited to have you Paul!!!! You'll be a very important part of the day :)