Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For the past hour (or maybe 2 hours) I have been opening and closing my blog trying to figure out what I wanted to write about.  There are many thoughts swimming around in my head, fluttering, almost like a butterfly waiting to escape.  But for some reason I'm in a rather weird head space tonight.  For some reason I'm feeling rather frustrated.  And so it is probably not the best night to attempt to write about anything significant.

Tomorrow we have Bianca's 2 monthly hospital visit.  I am keen to see her blood test results and with any luck the sample won't clot as it has done the previous few times.  If all goes well and Bianca's results are normal then we will move onto visits once every 3 months which means the next one should then be in January sometime. 

Tonight the girls had their swimming lesson again.  The last one for the term.  Next term their swimming lessons will be earlier in the evening and that will definitely be more practical.  Bianca and Caitlyn have both been making such great progress and it is amazing to see how far they've come in 1 term.   I really admire the ladies who give up their time every single week.  They are doing an amazing job!

And on this note, I am saying good night!


Hayley said...

Hope the hospital visit all goes well!

Night xxx

RosemaryO said...

Good luck with tomorrow's visit. Next visit January, wow that is great!

Susan said...

Perhaps just writing down how you are feeling has helped a bit Lea.
All the best for the tests. How nice it will be not to have to go again until January.
Cheerio, and hope you slept well :D)

Sarah said...

I hope I didn't add to your frustration, with our plans!! I had a really nice morning, just wanted to let you know that :)Next time, you're all more than welcome at mine (or rather my parent's, unless you fancy a slight trip north!!)

Maybe you need a Lea day.....or just a day to relax, before forging ahead with all your plans and activities you have going at the moment :)

either way, I hope you feel calmer tonight and that today was a good day for you and Bianca in Wellington :)

Lea White said...

Thanks everybody. Will update a bit later on about hospital visit.

@Sarah, you definitely had nothing to do with the feeling of frustration! It was lovely to catch up with you and really looking forward to working with you on the ideas! Thanks again for the lovely flowers you brought!

Sarah said...

:) your very welcome x

Sarah said...

you're *

Paul said...

Hope the frustrations have eased now with the positive hospital visit I agree with Sarah that you might need time to look after yourself.