Friday, October 21, 2011

Things that go bump in the night and a confirmation!

I had a look this morning and I think we'll need to get a few more swan plants.  I think there are just too many eggs for our little plants and I don't fancy squashing any... (to see pictures of our special visitor, click here).

We woke up last night (or early this morning I should say) at around 2:40am.  Yes, that's am and not pm...  Not a good time for any person to wake up...  We heard a noise.  Like the cats got onto the counter and bumped a bunch of things off or something, so Terence insisted that I got up to sort it out (sure, send your wife out to go sort out weird noises in the night...).  Switched on the living room light and both cats were sitting up on the couch. Nothing seemed out of place and I thought maybe they just chased each other around a bit.  As I was about to switch off the light again, I heard a noise coming from the laundry area and I rushed to go see what it was (very brave of me considering I didn't know what or who it might have been and I certainly didn't grab anything I could possibly use to defend myself against whatever was making the noise).  Turned out it was a big black and white cat that came in through the cat door.  Now whether he (or she) was high on catnip and got the wrong house on his way back from a night out, or whether he wanted to just pay our cats a visit (because really who needs sleep?), who knows?  But it got a massive fright when it saw me and tried to get back out except somebody (a little somebody named Bianca it turned out...) thought she was being helpful and locked the cat door so the cats could come in, but not back out (in the hope they won't bring in mice from outside).  Finally managed to get the cat to go out again and then it was back to sleep.  Too much excitement for that time of the night!!!

It is now confirmed, the Kapiti Funrazor event will take place on Sunday 20 November (I will confirm the actual start and finish time), but it is happening!  No turning back now!  And we have a great spot.  We'll be in the middle section of Coastlands Mall, so if you come through the entrance by Countdown, that's where you will see us!  And if you live in the area, I will expect to see you there!

I would love it if you could join me and get a haircut that will make a real difference.  You don't have to go all size zero, you can do size 2 even if it would make you feel better.  But if not, there will be other ways for you to make a donation and contribute.

So far we have some pretty cool spot prizes.  If you have some great ideas for other spot prizes and feel like donating some to me, make sure you email me at  The one prize in particular - a big block mounted signed poster of the Vodafone Wellington Lions rugby team kindly donated by the Wellington Rugby Football Union, I'll need to think about the best way to use this one.  It is a bit too big for a spot prize, so we might be looking at doing a raffle or something.

Sorry, my photography doesn't really do it justice:

Then right now I also have some pizza discount vouchers and meat vouchers and waiting for a few more items.  So your donation on the day at my event, might very well make you a winner....

Bianca will also put her public speaking hat on - come and listen to Bianca making her speech at our event and come check out her beads.  Bianca would love to share them with you!


Paul said...

Very exciting that arrangements are full steam ahead. All the best on your preparations! Would love to be involved!

Sarah said...

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Lea, it will all fall in to place. The hard work will pay off :) and the more we do, the more awareness there is and the more funds to help as many families as possible :)

It was lovely seeing you,Bianca and Caitlyn today....come again any time :) maybe for that BBQ :) Here's to getting a few more spot prizes, though you've been pretty speedy with organising the current ones!

Paul, it would be amazing if you could be there....maybe we could do a duet! I'm sore we could sort an arrangement for guitar and flute!!

Sarah said...

Oh and Lea, I love the way you write! Your descriptions are so vivid! Could just see that poor cat wide eyed and thinking it was trapped for good in your house!!!