Friday, October 14, 2011

It went rather fast!

Can't believe the first week of the school holidays is done and dusted.  On Monday after I broke up the 5th argument between the girls very early on in the day I did wonder how soon I might drop them back off at school, but since then this week has just gone so fast.  Caitlyn has had daycare Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday we had our hospital visit, on Wednesday and Thursday Bianca had a play date and today both girls had a short play date with other friends and I now have my next project to think about.  In between I have managed to keep up with my running / walking so am pleased about that.

Tonight I have to update the calendar.  Our days / weekends seem to fill up really fast at the moment and I am worried that I will forget about something important. 

I'm hoping it won't rain too much this weekend (looks like there might be a bit of rain) because I need to line my garden boxes and start filling them (anybody keen for a bring your own shovel party?), and thanks to the cat and / or rain we've had, my little greenhouse fell over and I now have to start all over again with my little seedlings.  But I suppose it is our own fault.  Terence and I thought it was super cute to buy some catnip and turned out the cat managed to actually find his way into the sealed greenhouse and probably thanks to that knocked everything over.  Sigh!  Won't be doing that again!!!!

Tomorrow Bianca has an early cheerleading practise session and on Sunday she is helping out at their fundraising sausage sizzle.  But other than that I don't think we have anything else planned.  Maybe we'll play some Dominion or Puerto Rico this weekend.

So what are you up to this weekend?


cat said...

Gosh, time flies when you are having fun! I need some rest and sleep

Buttons said...

A very productive week for you. Relax and enjoy your weekend. B

Sarah said...

I feel like doing a bit of gardening! you can't get away from me Lea!! Count me in if you like :)

Paul said...

Keep up that exercise! Well done with your efforts for the hospital visit.