Thursday, October 13, 2011

I need people

On my List of 35 that I did for my 35th, one of the goals I have listed is to shave my hair again for the Child Cancer Foundation.  I did this in 2007, 2008 and 2009In 2007, I even made the front page of the Dominion Post!  Click on the links and go and have a read!

It felt wonderful to be able to help raise some money for the Child Cancer Foundation.  They don't get any funding, and rely on fundraising opportunities like Funrazor to help them do the job they need to do. 

I'll never forget the day we found out Bianca had cancer.  In September 2009 when Bianca finally finished her treatment for leukemia I wrote
It was 830 days ago that I arrived at the hospital and Terence stopped me before I could enter Bianca's room and he told me that the doctor said Bianca had leukemia. It was 830 days ago that I stood in the corridor, holding Caitlyn in my arms, staring at the wall wishing I would not cry as the tears streamed down my face. It was 830 days ago that I composed myself before I entered Bianca's room and made small-talk about the show she was watching, her room, and trying to keep things normal. It was 830 days ago that our lives changed.
And boy, did our lives change!  Just 2 days before Bianca was admitted to hospital I received a very exciting job opportunity, one that by the Monday I had to turn down.  And it was just us.  All our family were overseas and most of the friends we had at the time suddenly disappeared. 

From the moment we found out Bianca had cancer, CCF became part of our lives.  I remember Marg came into our room with this big bag of essentials and loads of reading material.  Marg organised a little impromptu birthday party for Bianca that first week because we had to cancel her proper 4th birthday party.  And it was so amazing having the emotional support.  Sometimes a phone call, other times somebody who would come and keep you company to make the long boring hours in an isolation room more bearable.  Sometimes petrol vouchers when you find it financially tough and still have to travel to the hospital for your child's treatment.  They introduce you to others who are walking the same journey as you.  There were many times where CCF was the voice we needed in our fight to keep some of the paediatric oncology services here in Wellington.  They stood up for us, when we were simply too exhausted to do anything.  Knowing that we did not have to walk the journey alone, made a huge difference!

So doing something like Funrazor where I shave my hair (or rather I prefer to get Bianca to help shave my hair) and raise money is incredibly rewarding and I get to give something back and support an organisation that makes such a huge difference!

This year, there will not be 1 Funrazor event in Wellington city.  Instead they are doing it a little bit different.  They are encouraging people to organise their own events - be it at their place or work (or school), their local salon or other place and then to encourage others to register for the event and / or support you. 

I am keen to try and organise a Kapiti event.  So I need people (and donations of course)!  I need people with contacts who could help me with a venue, I need people to help run it on the day i.e. hold buckets to collect donations and help with the registration of the participants, maybe people who could take before and after photos.  And I need people who will join me on this day.  While I don't mind being the only one shaving my hair, it is so much more fun doing it as a community thing.  There are a number of Kapiti kids who are currently (and previously) fighting cancer and sadly there likely will be going forward.  So this is one way you can show your support.  This is one way you can help kids (and their families) walking the child cancer journey. 

Please help me reach my goal and help make a difference!


Sarah said...

Count me in Lea :) many ways...... I will get on to some contacts for you :).....and then get creative :)

and whilst alot of the time we get through things just because we have still deserve to be called amazing, given that you're planning to have Bianca shave your hair again :) because you don't have to do this, but you're willing to :)

So, if you'll have me, I'm there!!

Sarah said...

I think they'll be quite a few people willing to go for the shave !!

and with a fundraising page,could easily have pre-reg and on the day registrations :) organised.

Sarah said...

what was the job offer you had Lea?

Lea White said...

I was going to be a project coordinator doing a big office move between offices in Wellington and Auckland.

Paul said...

You are amazing, Lea. I can obviously understand your commitment to raising funds. Will keep in contact of ways I can help.

Buttons said...

You are amazing Lea I had tears in my eyes reading about Bianca that must have been so terrifying. To be all alone without family and not knowing what would happen. You are truly amazing. Good Luck. B

Maa said...

Lea, there's probably not a lot I can do from here but I will put a referal to this post on my blog for you. Hopefully some of the others can do the same for you.
Good luck and I just know you are going to do well. Hugs Maa

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Those 'friends' that walked away were never your friends, friends are by your side through thick and thin. Good luck with the shave ♥

Sarah said...

You'd be great at that sort of job Lea.....we'll have to keep our eyes open for future opportunities :)

You Terence and Caitlyn had a job for a few years that no one would have wished upon you but you coped admirably, and now you can share whatever the future holds with your family, knowing you can all get through pretty much anything...and that you still get to share it with Bianca....can't be put in to words...but I am beyond happy that you can :)

Sarah said...

that was supposed to say "you'll have to keep your eyes open " !! but I suppose we can all keep an eye out !! :S if that's the kind of thing you'd still consider doing :)