Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's on at your house?

Currently there aren't a lot of television programmes that we simply MUST watch. 

Years ago in South Africa I used to watch Egoli pretty much every night and also 7de Laan.  There were a few others when I grew up - some of my South African readers might remember shows like Saartjie, Sonkring, Konings and Ballade vir 'n Enkeling (oh those were the days...).  And later on I was a fan of Survivor and Amazing Race (but not so much these days).  Just when we moved here I started watching Shortland Street.  And I watched it for quite a while.  But then got to a point where I just became bored with the drawn out story lines. 

Some of the shows we currently enjoy watching (but not the point where it will matter if we ever missed an episode) are shows like Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules and Top Chef (and no, I still can't cook like they do and no, when I dish up it looks nothing like they are doing it on any of these shows).  We also enjoy watching Top Gear and Terence enjoys Mythbusters. 

When Gilmore Girls was on, that was a show I simply could not miss. So much so that I bought all the DVDs and often watch them all over again.  Yes, I'm nuts, I know!  And tonight I am very excited that the second series of Downton Abbey will begin, and that will be another show I will not be missing if I can help it.  I watched the first series and really enjoyed it, so looking forward to see what will be happening now in Series 2.  There is just something about the characters, the costumes, the drama...

Which shows do you enjoy watching?


Paul said...

I'm with you on Downtown Abbey. Jo and I are going to watch it now! We also really enjoyed the first series. I think for me it's a fascination about how life used to be!

Hayley said...

Oh I am such a TV addict..right now we are addicted to 'Game of Thrones'...and cannot wait for Modern Family to come back.

Okay, my hubby went to the same schools that you did, his name is Francois Malherbe, he has a sister Monya (who is in NZ awell now). What year did you matriculate?

Fi said...

We all love Downton Abbey so much!

Q1 is always good for a laugh (and picking up random facts for quizzes)

Any of Rick Stein's shows :)

Just started watching The Indian Doctor...

Have been watching The X Factor but it's getting a bit OTT!

Have also been watching reruns of The Ladies No 1 Detective Agency, one of my favourite book series.

Maa said...

Heartbeat- All Creatures Great and Small and The Golden Girls...can't get enough of them!