Saturday, October 29, 2011

A few things we got up to on a Saturday

Can you say "Just a statistic" really fast?  (credit to Joanne Watson).

Ha-ha, I should get myself one of these.  Thanks for sharing Kate Hemming Richards
Thank you to Bruce Lake, Scott Rice, Judy Humphris and Hannah Beale for your donations!  It is very much appreciated.  If you would like to sponsor me to get my hair shaved for the Child Cancer Foundation, please click on this link.

What's that?  Could that really be?  After a week of rainy and overcast weather, this was sure a welcome sight!

This morning Bianca had to go and help out at a car wash which is part of the cheerleading fundraising.


And then we went to the annual charity book fair.  They had something like 60,000 books.  We have been looking forward to it the whole year.

Poor Looey - her one paw is sore and she is not putting any weight on it.  Unfortunately no vet was available and since she is eating and it doesn't seem an emergency we'll just keep an eye on her for now.

And other than Bianca's weekly cheerleading practise, just a quiet Saturday for us. 


Paul said...

You managed to pack in a lot into a quiet day! We've done a few of those car washes ourselves.

Sarah said...

:) I spy Upsy Daisy!! I think :S

I think Bianca participated in a 'friend wash'!!

I hope you all got some good books :)

and you're very welcome for Hannah's donation :)