Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's blue and shiny and new...

Today I (or I should really say Terence) bought a new bike.  I used to have a bike when I was a kid riding to school every day.  Can't remember the make, but it was red and it had gears although I never used the gears and they just stayed in the third gear if I remember correctly. Will have to figure it out now that I have a bike again!

I've been going okay with the running and walking and decided that maybe adding a little bit of cycling (nothing like this though) into the mix would be interesting and this way I can go out and sometimes cycle with my friend Rose.  And since this one was on sale, the time seemed right!

It isn't particularly fancy and I certainly wasn't prepared to buy something that would cost me thousands of dollars, but I think it will do the trick!

I thought that it would be rather scary to get back on a bike after all these years (it's been like 18 years since I last rode a bike), but it wasn't too bad.  Okay granted I cycled around the side of town where we live where it wasn't particularly busy and I don't plan to cycle on busy motorways any time soon!

The weather has cleared up nicely after this morning's rain so I'll be spending time with my garden boxes this afternoon.  Between the running / walking, cycling and shovelling soil into garden boxes I simply have to start getting fit at some point in time!


Paul said...

Good on you for getting a bike. It is great exercise and fantastic fitness due to little negative impact on your leg muscles.

amanda said...

Moes lag toe ek terugdink aan die "pink panther" en my "dapper pogings"!! Geniet al die oefening en sterkte met die tuinmaak ook. ma xx