Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shhhh! Don't tell!

It seems somebody decided to get in early.  Last year Santa sent Bianca and Caitlyn a note to remind them to do their Christmas list and then he shared a wonderful secret that they are able to "post" their letter to him by simply putting it inside the fireplace (obviously with no fire at the time) and then knocking 3 times on the outside.  And what do you know?  The next morning their letters were gone!  Wow!  So this tip must have stuck and last night Bianca decided it was that time again.  Time to get her list ready and sent off.

So on her list she has:

A phone.  (I guess my little girl is growing up...)
Harry Potter 7 part 2 / Harry Potter 6
A bedside lamp
Goosebumps books and DVDs
Craft stuff
A new bike
And a times table chart

Yes, I was a little surprised about the last one.  I don't think it is usual for kids to ask for something like this for Christmas. 

What are your kids hoping to get for Christmas?


Paul said...

Our girls will probably want money and lots of it! I'm impressed with Bianca's wish for a x tables chart! Glad to see she's inspired to learn!

Maa said...

Lea. This Mrs Santa has a lovely brand new times table chart that I would love to send on to you. Could you email'll find my email contact on my profile. Maa