Friday, October 28, 2011

Some Friday happenings

This morning I had my very first physio session ever.  I have never been to a physio before and really didn't know what to expect. Thanks for the recommendation Paul!  It would seem that it is a peroneal tendon injury or something and might take 2 weeks or maybe 8 weeks (sigh!).  So who knows when I might be able to really get going with my running. The therapist wanted to do accupuncture, but I'm a big fat baby not big on needles to be honest, so he did massaging instead.  Got some good advice on getting started again. So next appointment Monday morning at 7am.

After my physio appointment I had to go and get 2 documents certified by a Justice of the Peace.  So yesterday I found somebody, made an appointment and was all set.  Got there this morning and... she went to a meeting.  A meeting she knew about.  So I was not too impressed.  Thankfully the lady at the community centre was able to find me somebody else to go to in Raumati Beach so Caitlyn and I set off.  I've never really been to any of shops there, but always drive past when we go to swimming.  The JP was at this really cool second hand bookstore, completely packed with books.  I definitely think it will be worth going back there again. 

Sarah and I chatted a bit about some of the arrangements of the Funrazor this afternoon and I think we are starting to get it all worked out in our minds.  And quite possibly we might have a solution if we are really not able to sort staging.  Of course proper staging would be great, but I think the other solution might also work if we had no choice.  Will have to go chat to the likes of Mitre 10 or Bunnings or Placemakers and hopefully they won't think I'm completely mad. 

How was your Friday?  And what are your plans for the weekend?

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Sarah said...

I hope your foot decides to recover within the shorter time frame so you can get back running :)

Sometimes you really do find the best things when you least expect it...if it's the book store I'm thinking of it's a great little place...I've found some good sheet music in there before now :)

I think our alternative staging idea might just work you know!! So long as it's secure :) You never know, maybe Mitre 10 or whoever could help out with that too....I'll get back to you asap about the other contact I have for staging.

Flexibility is key....we have all the main elements and a rough schedule. The passion is there and we will translate that into a fun filled, well run day :)There will be no tumbleweed in site !