Sunday, October 23, 2011

Small world!

You don't quite realise how small the world really is. 

I will never forget - shortly after we moved here to the Kapiti Coast (wow, that's more than a year ago already), I went to one of the stores one day and as I was there looking at the items on the shelf, one of the shop assistants walked towards us and then said "You are Bianca's mum aren't you?  And you just moved from Auckland?"  I was stumped.  Turned out she has been a follower of our blog for a while and in all the time I have been blogging (since 2007) and the times I (and Bianca) have been in the paper and the one time we were on National TV on the Good Morning show, I have never been randomly recognised by anybody following my blog.  Okay I lie, there was one time at the Nature's Discovery store where somebody came up to us and gave Bianca a little fridge magnet they bought because they have been following her story on our blog and recognised her that day.

Last night Bianca had a sleepover with her friends and so today when I picked her up, Tracy took me through to the kitchen explaining that she had something to share.  As we walked in she asked me if I recognised the lady who was there.  I didn't and then they told me how this lady was also at Wellington Children's Hospital with her daughter way back in 2007 just when Bianca was first admitted.  She remembered seeing us there and Caitlyn from when she was a baby and how exhausted I looked at the time.  This lady saw Bianca's photo on Matt's fundraising page and instantly recognised her.  Turned out she not only remembered us from way back then, but also read our blog entries and saw us on TV. 

Wow, what a small world!

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Paul said...

That's what happens when you put yourself out there and do special things! I'm sure you'll become even more famous as a result of the Funrazor!