Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday morning bike rides

I have come to realise that cycling is a heck of a lot easier than running (well for most of it anyway, uphills are still hard regardless of whether I am running or cycling).

Sadly my ankle is still rather painful and there is no way I can even attempt a slow jog. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually missing the running sessions. Even though I know that when I manage to start running again I will probably end up feeling half dead.

This morning my cold seems mostly better.  Apart from a runny nose, there are no other major symptoms today.  Certainly no coughing (thank goodness) and my head doesn't feel all blocked up like it did on Friday.  And so I decided that since it is a quiet morning and most of Waikanae are probably still recovering from a late night watching the rugby, it would be fine to go out for a bike ride.  And so off I went and I found that even though my ankle is painful walking / running, it coped very well on the bike. So I think for now, I might just stick to some bike rides. 

I won't be doing the Monday torture sessions anymore.  Unfortunately with Bianca's gymnastics session also on a Monday, it is just too hard to manage dropping her off, getting myself to my training session and finding a solution with getting Terence at the time he comes back from work.  I tried to move Bianca's gym session, but they only had Wednesdays and then unfortunately only with a group of girls about 2 years younger than her.  And I didn't want to do that to her.  She enjoys her current group and the year is so nearly over that it doesn't seem fair to shift her to another day.  But that doesn't mean I'm giving up.  The same trainer has a Wednesday morning class.  A slightly different class, but he said it would be suitable for somebody like me (I now just need to get my stupid ankle better!!!!).

This afternoon the girls and I will head off to the movies.  One of Terence's train buddies has been nagging him for some computer lessons or something and so instead of watching the boys do their thing, we'll go and have a girls' day out I think.

Hope your Monday is going well.  Feels a bit like a Sunday to me, but that's only because it is a public holiday and I guess tomorrow will feel a bit like Monday.  I better not forget that schools start again tomorrow...


Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

Lea I am sorry you hurt your ankle, I must have missed that on Group. I hurt my knee 2 1/2 weeks ago falling during a running session and got scraped up bad. Haven't been able to run since and I am missing it terribly!

I like to ride the bike, but not for exercise. I hope you enjoy it and can enjoy it.

Jess said...

Inspired by your jogging/cycling, I dragged my bike out of retirement last week. Sore muscles at the moment but saving almost $7 a day not taking the bus! Hopefully it has a similar effect on the waistline too haha

Paul said...

Real pity about the ankle considering you are so enthused. Biking is a great exercise activity if you minimise the traffic component! You might want to get to a physio. I will suggest to you a physio tomorrow who has helped me immensely in the past!

blackhuff said...

Sorry to read that you have injured your ankle :(
Cycling is more difficult for me than running because of how my butt just can't seems to stop hurting from riding on the saddle.