Monday, October 10, 2011

Glimpses of our weekend

We had a few unexpected visitors on Saturday.  Yes, the dreaded head lice made their appearance again. This time with Caitlyn.  And so we started treating and combing and no matter how much I tried, her hair kept knotting and knotting until finally I had enough and made the rather difficult decision to cut her hair.   Have to be honest though, that I think the shorter hair actually looks rather nice and will certainly be a bit easier to manage!

Yesterday morning we had to be at the Coastlands Shopping mall bright and early (by 10am).  Next month Bianca and her cheerleading group will be participating at their competition in Auckland and they are currently raising some money to help them get there.  So one of the things they asked the girls to do was to go busking and this is what Bianca helped with.  Normally she is a side / back base, but yesterday she was a flyer again.  I've covered the other girls' faces because I didn't get permission to have them on my blog.  Bianca doesn't yet have a uniform, but it will look like the ones in the photo!

In the afternoon I took the girls to go and see Smurfs and actually quite enjoyed it.  It had some really funny parts in it!

While we were out cheerleading and doing girls' stuff, Terence spent his day in the city.  Terence caught a train at 7am (yawn!) to join his company for their tenpin bowling game.  Something to do with Business Games or something.

And later on he caught up with friends who invited him along to the South Africa vs Australia rugby game.  They had really good seats.  Thank you Emerson and Christina!

While I was waiting for Terence to come home, I worked a bit on the activity packs I'll be needing for tomorrow.  I'm rather excited for tomorrow and so is Bianca!  More on this tomorrow.

And that was pretty much our weekend.  What did you get up to on the weekend?


Sarah said...

Early post there Lea!

I'm excited for you too, for tomorrow, should be a good day :) I look forward to seeing photos :) how has the preparation been coming along? Bet you're busy right now with it!!

Looks like you all had a packed, but fun weekend :)

Mine involved uni work, doesn't make for quite as interesting a picture!

Paul said...

Sounds like a busy eventful weekend. Don't mention the rugby. Can't really believe the final result after South Africa making all the play. Hope Bianca's cheerleading goes well in Auckland! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Hayley said...

The rugby...heartbroken :-(

cat said...

Ai, I am so sad about the rugby