Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy times and some disappointment

There is another topic I really want to write about but because it is a fairly sensitive subject will need to think carefully about it, so until I've got my mind around that particular one, here is a my rambling post for today:

This week Bianca is doing some cheerleading sessions as part of a holiday programme.  She is also doing 2 afternoon tumble workshops.  These workshops are focused on improving handstands, cartwheels and all sorts of other really tricky looking things.  Caitlyn will try cheerleading on Thursday and it will be interesting to see how she feels about it.

So every morning this week Bianca has cheerleading.  Except tomorrow morning when we need to go to Wellington Hospital for her 3 monthly blood test and checkup.  She will be back in time for the afternoon tumble session. 

When I picked Bianca up from cheerleading this afternoon, this is the conversation that took place:

E (one of the girls helping with coaching):  Tomorrow we are making bows. (Cheerleaders all wear these pretty bows in their hair when they do performances and competitions and things).  

Bianca's face lit up with excitement.

Me:  Is it in the morning or afternoon session?

E:  In the morning

Me:  Aww, sorry Bianca you won't be able to be here, you have hospital in the morning.

Bianca instantly looked really disappointed and E quickly assured her that they'll make a bow for her and that in future holiday programmes they planned to make bows again.

As we walked out Bianca said "I wish I never got sick".  Bianca's missed out quite a few times because of her illness, but this was the first time I think she really felt she was going to miss out and I just felt a bit sad for her.  But this is life and will be for many more years to come.

Today has been a fairly busy day with me rushing around a bit and of course tomorrow will be busy too what with dropping off the car in the morning to get a WOF (warrant of fitness) sorted and then taking the train to the city for Bianca's appointment.  Thankfully Rose offered that Caitlyn could have a sleep over at their place so that will make things simpler tomorrow morning.  So right now I have one very excited little girl who will go on her very first sleep over (hope she'll still feel this excited at bedtime)

Now in the week I saw a video on Youtube (well actually it was on one of the South African news sites) and it was a really sad clip about really sad and tragic circumstances.  It was an Afrikaans clip and for an instant I kind of missed Afrikaans.  It was after all my first language for many years.  Terence can speak Afrikaans but chooses not to as his first language is English and so since we met in 1997, we've pretty much spoken English all the time and for a long time now it has come naturally to me (even if I do make a lot of mistakes).  I even think in English.  Not sure if I dream in English.  I must pay attention next time I dream. The only thing I do in Afrikaans all of the time is to count.  Not sure why.  But without even thinking about it, I would count in Afrikaans.  Then when I realise what I'm doing I would suddenly switch back to English.  I would start with "een, twee, drie, vier, vyf, ses... and then suddenly... seven, eight, nine, ten..." I'm sure people must sometimes think there is something seriously wrong with me. :-).

And so of course my mind drifted to some of the songs I used to listen to, like this one (which was a favourite for a very long time):

And for some or the other reason these two songs keep popping into my head, maybe because I used to listen to it a lot when I was still a kid:

If you speak more than one language, do you think in your first or your second language?


Paul said...

What a pity that Bianca will miss making the bows. Never mind there will be lots of other opportunities for her in the future. You do extremely well with English considering it's not your native language.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love how you say "oh well that's life" because that's how I am and my husband says I'm cold, and I just think I'm realistic :)

I love that you count in Afrikaans - so cute!

Ellie said...

It is a real shame thatBianca will miss out when she has to go to hospital. At least she will be able to do it again at a later point.
I don't really speak another language but about 30 years ago (ouch) I was learning pitman's shorthand at college. It was very intense and I ended up thinking and dreaming in shorthand outlines. Very strange!!!

Hayley said...

I often ask my hubby if he ever thinks in Afrikaans...and he too says hardly ever. With everything being in english at work, and also being speaking english at home...he says he has kinda lost it. I hope not, I am so hoping our kids will grow up speaking english, afrikaans and perhaps zulu ( which I am still trying to grasp).

cat said...

We talk Afrikaans at home, but I work mostly in English. The boys are still im the English school but will be in the same Afrikaans next year as the Princess. I tend to think in both languages, depending on the subject matter ! And on the plus, the Princesss got top marks for English in school and willmbe doing both languages as first language

Lien - all new adventures said...

I definitely think and dream in English. I try and speak Vietnamese with my son but it is so hard to say a phrase twice. When I was on maternity leave I spoke to him in Vietnamese all the time since it was just us at home, but as soon as I went back to work I struggled to formulate correct sentences (or find the proper words) in my native tongue. It also doesn't help that even my parents don't speak to him in Vietnamese (and I always encourage them to) and I end up being the only one speaking Vietnamese to him!