Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday update

Today was a bit of an up and down day for me.  Nothing major, just one of those days really.  But anyway...

This morning at 9am I cycled to Rose's house and then we both went for a run.  It looked like it would be a bit rainy, but thankfully it cleared and it was actually quite a nice morning in the end. 

We ran for 5km before we walked for a bit as Rose's ankle felt a bit sore.  We then walked for most of the 5km back, but did some running in between (probably another 1.5km - 2km). 

So all in all about 6.5km / 7km in total and then a 6km bike ride so I felt rather productive.

Tomorrow morning we have our weekly training session with Lynley and it will be some or the other bike skills.  Not sure exactly what those skills will be.  We've done hills and gear changes in a previous session and at the last one learnt about going around corners.  Lynley's sessions are good so I am looking forward to it.  Rose was thinking we'd cycle to our session so I'll need to check with her if that is the case so we can allow time for that.  Should be good as I'm trying to work on increasing the distance that I would typically cycle.  

Tonight Bianca's has gone to a birthday party.  I think pizza and bowling or something.  Little miss forgetful forgot to bring the invite home, but thankfully her friend came past today to check if she would be going, so we had to have a quick stop at the mall to sort a present. 

How has your Saturday been?


Paul Forster said...

Aren't kids great! A surprise party! Glad you got out for some worthwhile exercise.

Ellie said...

I lost count of how many times my girls did that when they were wee. Always worked out in the end though.
Good for you with the running and cycling. :))

Don't unplug your hub. said...

How I wish I could still run! Well done Lea. Saturday? Wet and windy as usual. Been practicing my penny whistle.