Thursday, April 5, 2012

A sign of modern times and a severe case of writer's block

Rose and I made the paper!  Click here and turn to page 4 and you'll see us in the big photo.  If you click on the photo you can enlarge it.

How do you know you are living in the modern ages? 

Earlier today I went to check the mail box and saw that along with the usual bills there was also an envelope for Caitlyn.  So I left her envelope because she loves getting something in the mail.  After we dropped Bianca off and got back home I asked Caitlyn if she would please check the mail box for me.  So off she went.  She opened it and then... "look mum, here is an e-mail...and it is for me!"

Caitlyn told me yesterday that a little boy in her class told her he is in love with her.  And then she wanted to know how old she would need to be to be in love and then said "maybe 15? Or maybe fifty one hundred"  That's right my girl...the older the better... :-)

Yesterday I had a severe case of writer's block.  I opened up my blog, got ready to start typing, and...


Absolutely Nothing.

Which isn't really true because I do have loads of thoughts running through my mind all of the time, but for some reason I just couldn't transfer any of those thoughts into something worth reading.

In the end - yesterday turned out to be just bit of a quiet and reflective day for me.

Hopefully soon I'll find my inspiration again and write better blog entries than today's attempt!


Hayley said...

Ha-ha...just blogged about getting someting in the mail too...

Love that she calls it 'email"...too sweet...

Paul said...

I'm sure you'll come good. Unusual for you to be short of a word!

cat said...

Email! Too cute. Congrats on getting into the paper

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Yay to the paper :)

And Caitlyn is so cute - email indeed :)

there are a whole host of kids who will never even know life without a cell phone!