Saturday, April 14, 2012

A goal achieved

One of the goals I had when I did a list of 35 goals when I turned 35 was to do a 5km running race.

I've actually totally lost track with this list of goals because quite a few things changed. I know there are some goals I have not had a chance to even begin to look at achieving - learning to play a music instrument was one of them and quite honestly I don't know how much music ability I might actually have so not really sure just how possible this goal will ever be.  But then I've achieved quite a few other things I've never had on my list.  Without planning to do so I wrote the words to a song (this one) - how neat is that!  I also didn't have on my list that I would actually plan and organise a funrazor event or to make a book with nearly 300 songs all typed up or to do 2 triathlons or to have 2 public speaking engagements - so I feel I've had quite a few achievements so far.  And I feel proud of that!

Today I achieved my goal to do a 5km running race.

Rose and I entered the Great Forest Event and decided to do a 5km run.  It was a lovely setting and I quite enjoyed running off-road.  There were running and walking options for the 5km, 10km, half marathon and full marathon.  The 5km category was the last to start and I have no idea how many people entered this, but it was a lot!  Rose and I placed ourselves with the slow runners, but in hindsight would have probably been better to go with the faster runners as some of the walkers placed themselves in amongst the slower runners and they caused a bit of congestion.

Surprisingly my legs were perfectly well behaved today which was so nice for a change.  I have forgotten what it feels like running without sore legs.  Make no mistake it was still hard work for me.  Right now I don't know at which point running will actually become easier, but I'm happy enough with my time of about 33 minutes.  The results show that I am 136th out of 368 finishers and 64th out of 229 female finishers.  The one thing that did cause me frustration was my 2 toes on my left foot that is still pretty sore after our recent big walk.  They are still purple :-(.  So that made for a bit of an uncomfortable run in some places.

But either way, I enjoyed the race and this is definitely a race Rose and I will do again next year!


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Well done you! ♥

Ellie said...

Wow you have accomplished a lot. Well done!!!
So glad you managed to do your run with painfree legs but your purple toes - that can't have been nice.
You did really well with your time too. No wonder you are feeling pleased with yourself. Keep going :))

Lien - all new adventures said...

Awesome, Lea. Well done, and a great time at that!

john bain said...

Congrats on the run Lea.
I think you should start playing a musical instrument. It is well worth it. So enjoyable. I started playing the guitar only 12 years ago when I was already old. Now look at me! On second thoughts perhaps not.
Sorry I didn't spell the word congratulations in full at the start of this comment. That was lazy of me. Congratulations!

Julia said...

Well done! I really enjoy reading how you are accomplishing fitness goals. You are doing really well.