Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not quite sure what would be the right title...

A few people to date have asked me if I would ever consider writing a book on Bianca's journey with cancer.

Actually a book was written where parts of Bianca's story and some of her photos were included (click here and turn to page 14...).  Bianca is very proud of this book and loves sharing it when she gets a chance.  This book is more a factual "what is leukemia" book though and not actually Bianca's journey and her full story.  It was fun working with Sandra Markle (the author) at the time on this project of hers.

The closest I've ever come to writing a book was when I made up a little picture book which Bianca got to share in her class at school.  All about what happens when she goes to hospital and in really basic terms what leukemia is.  Bianca wanted to take her beads to school to show to her friends and I thought it would be good for Bianca to read them a little story about what happened each month she had to go to hospital.  The kids often asked why I was there to pick Bianca up early and of course they all knew she was a bit different and was unwell.  This was when Bianca was 5 and at the start of her Year 1 year at school.  Here are some photos of that day:

I was holding up a second copy to show the pictures while Bianca was reading from her copy.  Bianca was 5 and it was at the start of her Year 1 year.
Showing a page with photos while Bianca was reading the same page from her book.

The kids loved looking at the beads
If you would like to read the entry I did on that day, click here.

Writing an actual book, published and for sale?  I don't know.  For one I don't think I write well enough to even begin to consider this and besides who would be interested in reading such a book?  Thinking back or reading through old blog entries of going through old photos - it can be quite exhausting and overwhelming.  So I don't know if this is something that will happen.

I saw this photo on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook:

I've realised that for me there is something worse than child cancer.  Worse and more difficult than what we ever went through.  That is knowing so many parents who lost (or are busy losing) their children to this horrible disease.  Before Bianca got sick I didn't know a single parent who lost their child.  Now I know so many and it just breaks my heart!

In 2 days' time a friend on Facebook will have reached 1 year since she lost her little boy Kael.  It is incredibly heartbreaking to read her updates at the moment, to see the photos that she is sharing (which I won't share here because I don't know if she'd want me to).  I cannot even begin to imagine and I so wish child cancer didn't exist.  No parent should ever have to endure watching their child take their last breath.

Leah, Micheal and Ella - you are in my thoughts during this time as you remember your last days with your brave little boy.  My heart breaks for you!


Paul said...

Thanks for sharing about Bianca's book and the photos. You have all been through a lot but as you say Bianca has survived while others haven't. I personally think you should write a book that talks about the emotions that accompanied Bianca's treatment.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

You have mad me sad and happy at the same time with this post. If you can arouse those kind of emotions, then you must be a good writer. So get going on that book!

blackhuff said...

I think you should write the book - there would be many people who would read your book.
Thanks for sharing that book of Bianca.

Kevin and Ruth said...

I also think you should write a book. You have almost done this with the work you did with Bianca to show her class. Maybe writing a book for children would be the way to go. So that it can be done in simple terms that they can understand.

I also agree, that the worst thing would be losing a child. Our heart goes out to your friends.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Don't dismiss the idea of a book, you'll be surprised how many people will need to read it. I do like the idea of a childrens book, there are so few books out there that are well written for that age group. And no parent should have to bury a child, we lived though it with a friends daughter and it tore my heart out. When a parent dies we bury the past, when a child dies we bury the future ♥

Julia said...

Lea, some weeks ago I wrote a post titled "what kind of book would you write". Here is the link:


Read my response to YOUR comment. And read Marcia's 2nd comment. At the end of the day it is YOUR perspective of what went down during that period. I hope that you DO write this book. I think that you write beautifully and eloquently and I would ABSOLUTELY buy it.

cat said...

I really think you should write it - imagine the hope it can bring to others.