Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lyrical Sunday - If I could...

Joining in with Latte Junkie's Lyrical Sunday.

If I could be a princess for a day...

I'd cash in my very special princess voucher

and my fairy godmother will magically appear with a list of special princess duties.

I'd get a very special crown

and help the king with his crown.

I would crown the king as he sits on his throne

and watch the lady-in-waiting make her special hat.

We would go on a treasure hunt

and look for clues

until I find a very special outfit just right for a princess.

I would get my nails done so they look all sparkly

and get special make-up done.

 Then it would be time to do my hair

until we finally put the finishing touches on.

If I could be a princess just for a day...

I'd make special princess cupcakes

for a royal feast.

 Afterwards we'd practise our walking

and practise our royal wave.


We'd build a special puzzle with a very special message

and get a very special certificate to finish off a very special day.

Thank you Sarah, for making a special dream come true.  Caitlyn loved being a princess for the day!


LatteJunkie said...

What a beautiful day! I love all of it, what lucky girls :D

Thanks for joining up with Lyrical Sunday!

Paul said...

This is a lovely post! Well done Sarah for giving Caitlyn a special experience!

amanda said...

This is just magical!

john bain said...

The little Princess has brightened my day! She does look like a real Princess!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful post. Such a lovely and special thing to do.

Sarah said...

It was such a fun afternoon...the highlights being 'Applemoon Tea' and seeing the excitement on Caitlyn's face :)

and Princess Caitlyn had an excellent Lady in Waiting....I love the photo of her nails getting done for this reason, as said 'lady' is right in there making sure her sister is well looked after :)

Maria said...

What a lovely day! Loved the photos :-)

blackhuff said...

What a great way to make a child feel special for one day.

Sarah of Catching the Magic said...

That's so, so lovely! The photographs, the words, the idea and the special time shared. Gorgeous!