Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a day!!!

Today turned out to be incredibly frustrating and all I can say is that I really missed the way Starship in Auckland did things and that right now I am thankful Bianca is not on treatment or just off treatment anymore because I honestly am not convinced that child cancer patients in Wellington received the best care.  But anyway. 

I have no idea what Bianca's blood test results are like and will have to ring them tomorrow to get it.

Here are some photos I took today:

I took a book along to read on the train to the city, but didn't end up reading it.

Waiting at the station and not impressed that I took a photo.

Still early in the morning.  Yawn!

It was the first time I went on the train that Terence normally takes to and from work.

Rather comfortable inside.  Bianca was watching a movie.

The view at one part of our journey.

Just in case you wondered...

Waiting for the bus to take us to the hospital.

Just in case you wondered what part of Wellington city looked like.

Waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting some more...

Checking weight

And height

And blood pressure.  When Bianca was first diagnosed she was absolutely terrified of this machine.

On the way back home.


Hayley said...

Sounds like a long long day. I love seeing random pics of peoples day to day lives...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hoping everything turns out to be continuing good news, Lea. Wow has Bianca's hair grown. Tell her I love it and even that funny grin she gave you on the way. Cheeky! Sue

Ellie said...

Sounds like a long hard day. Thanks for showing us your journey. Hope all your new is good news :))

blackhuff said...

What a long day you all had especially with all that waiting. Grrr.

cat said...

A long and hard day but I love that you shared it with us. All the best for the results.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love seeing the whole day in pics - her hair is gorgeous!!!

Lien - all new adventures said...

My favourite photo is checking the height - the look on her face with the wondering finger at her mouth is superb. That would make a great stock photo.

Ah, Wellington city. I do have a fondness for it.

Paul said...

Was certainly a long and frustrating day for you! All the best for positive results!

Lea in Mississippi, USA said...

Medical visits, necessary but exhausting! I really like the photo of Bianca looking back over her shoulder. May today be a much better day!
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