Monday, April 9, 2012

What doesn't kill you... right?

Today I managed to go out for a bit of a bike ride.  As always it was hard work.  Especially the route I took today with more uphills than my legs are happy with.  I know... I know... what doesn't kill you make you stronger.  But sadly in my world the "stronger" is missing. 

Disappointingly at one point where I was going pretty fast somehow my little bike computer gadget thingy slipped out and fell to the ground.  I could hear it drop so I stopped as quickly as I could and walked back to try and see where I dropped it, but sadly it is gone :-(.  Thankfully it wasn't very expensive, but still, I hate losing things.

Rose managed to get a fairly safe route that will help us increase our distances (hopefully), because unfortunately my knowledge of different routes are a bit on the limited side and doing the same thing over and over gets rather boring at times. Hopefully on Sunday morning we will have a chance to go out and try this route.

How was your day today?


Paul Forster said...

A nuisance about your computer. Sorry that the biking is so challenging. Trust me it all gets easier in time.

cat said...

Sorry about the computer. We are having. Alow key day at home

Julia said...

Well done on keeping up with training. So sorry about your gadget thing. I initially had plans to take the kids for an easy hike but we were all just too lazy today so ended up staying home and being couch potatoes and eating leftovers. It was AWESOME. In about 2 hours we have to get ready for school which starts tomorrow. Not looking forward to traffic but I am looking forward to having some semblance of routine.

Ellie said...

I am so impressed with you. Even when you find the going hard you just keep going. Keep at it and as Paul said it should get easier.
Sorry you lost your wee bike gadget!!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

It was me. I found your computer thingy. It's on my bike now. Have you seen my bike? It needs all the help it can get.
Paul is right, it does get easier. I remember. :-)