Friday, April 27, 2012

A rather tiring cycling and swim session

After the holidays our swim lessons with Val started up tonight again.  Have to admit I felt rather nervous as I was a bit worried I'd forgotten everything she's taught us.  And of course I expected that she would be working us hard. She is good though.  I don't know how many lengths she makes us do in our session, but it is quite a few.  Hard work, but I'm glad we started again.  I kind of missed it.  Usually it is just Rose and I, but tonight we were 4 people and it was really nice!

From this week our Saturday training sessions will be on a Sunday instead as the children's winter sport season is about to start and that means early Saturday mornings.  Sunday's session will be some or the other bike skills session. 

Yesterday I received a new toy.  It is a watch that you can use as a bike computer and this time I should not have to worry about losing it.  So today I tried it out and it worked really well.  With it having a heart rate monitor as well (which wasn't really the reason I bought it) it did show though that I work my butt off (oh no wait, my butt is still very much there...) on these "lovely hills".  They are incredibly hard work still, but I'll keep going.  Today's ride was about 11km.

So how was your Friday.  I read somewhere that the first 5 days after a weekend is usually the hardest... :-)

Hope you'll have a great weekend ahead. Any special plans?


Paul Forster said...

You're flying along on the bike and in the pool. Thanks for the encouragement this evening!

Buttons said...

Love the line my butt is still very much there you are funny.
Great job you are doing well. Cool watch toy. B

Ellie said...

You are doing very well with all of your sporting activities.