Monday, April 2, 2012

Just a quiet day today

Today was just a quiet day.  I didn't get up to much and just did one or two little projects which didn't require any walking. 

In a few days it will be school holidays for the kids.  Hard to believe that the first term is about to come to an end.  We're not going away and I've booked some cheerleading sessions for Bianca and a try-out session for Caitlyn.  Not yet sure what else we might get up to.  Bianca will have her hospital visit on the 18th and I'm expecting it will just be routine.  There is nothing that seems out of the ordinary or that should be of concern.  It is rather nice for a change that this is happening during school holidays rather than during school term.  If you are one of my New Zealand readers, what plans do you have for the school break?

Daylight savings time ended yesterday and we all turned our clocks back 1 hour.  Caitlyn has been waking up a bit earlier than usual and hopefully she'll settle back into her old routines really quickly.

How many of you fell for any April Fool's jokes?  We did not.  It was my cousin's birthday yesterday and my mum said surprisingly she's never really been the victim of April Fool's jokes on her birthday.  There was one year though where we got Terence's brother to play a bit of a trick on her.  All in good fun though!

Sorry not a very interesting or inspiring blog entry today.

How was your day today?  Did you get up to anything interesting?


Paul said...

A bit too sore to walk much I suppose after yesterday's big effort. Glad the holidays are almost upon us.

blackhuff said...

I agree. It's nice when routine doctor appointments can be in School Holidays or in the afternoons - I too don't like to disrupt school for my children.
How many hours before SA are you now?
Glad you had a quiet day - something we all need once in a while. So don't feel sorry that your post is not interesting (according to you). To me it's always nice to read your posts.

cat said...

We have such a short holiday this year but she seems to be enjoying it

Ellie said...

Our schools closed on friday for Easter holiday. My girls are a wee bit older than yours so they do their own thing now. I can hardly wait till friday as we get a long weekend off work. Not planning on doing to much though.
Have a good week.