Saturday, April 21, 2012

A few updates all in one

I just want to say thank you to those of you who left comments on my post on Thursday.  Next week I will probably send off a letter to let somebody in a management position know my frustrations. John, sadly we've been there done that with a group of parents writing letters to the government and sadly it didn't didn't go in our favour.  It is a fight I've been involved in since 2007 and the reason we relocated to another city in 2008, but due to work commitments had to come back in 2010.  Bridget also confirmed (sadly) exactly my argument that the blood tests are so much more important than this what this doctor said.

After Thursday's long and rambling post all about the frustrations of Wednesday's hospital appointment, I've not had a chance to sit down and update.  So I'll do a bit of a catch-up today.


Bianca had her cheerleading session in the morning and in the afternoon Caitlyn and her friend Lily got to try it out for the very first time.  Lily had a sleep over the night before and from the moment they woke up the two of them counted the hours until finally I announced that it was time to get ready.  Oh the excitement!  Both of them absolutely loved it and Caitlyn will definitely be doing it this coming term.  So now Caitlyn's cheerleading session will be on a Wednesday after school and Bianca's on a Thursday.  Bianca has a friend from school who will also be doing cheerleading on a Thursday and it sounds like I'll be dropping the girls off at 3:30 and the other mum will be picking them up again at 5.

Practising doing the splits
Doing some moves they do in cheerleading
Trying to do a bridge with a little bit of help
Big sister helping little sister

Very first actual cheerleading:


It was Bianca's last day of the cheerleading school holiday programme and it was also the day where they had a mini performance to show the parents what they learnt in the 4 days leading up to Friday.  Both the younger and bigger girls of the morning session did really well considering for a number of them this would have been the first time they tried it out.  Bianca absolutely loved it and can't wait for the term to start and for the next holiday programme.  So much so that she has now decided she will have a cheerleading birthday party.  So we'll see if and how that might work.

Friday afternoon I was busy helping Paul with things we are working on for one of his little projects.

In the evening I went to the Lembas Cafe where LoudWhisper performed.  They did a whole lot of covers and were really good.  Of course I was also there in my capacity as videographer (ooh, now that sounds so fancy when actually I was just using our little digital camera's basic video function and did nothing more than push a button) as Paul had a guest appearance and got to do 3 of his own songs.  I really liked the songs Paul chose to perform (especially since they were my suggestions ;-) ). and overall it was a fun night out with great entertainment. 


We had our Saturday morning training session and this morning's was a run skills session.  We focused on good posture, cadence, running drills and core strength.  I have a feeling that I'm going to be a bit sore tomorrow.

Then it was time for Caitlyn and Bianca to go to a birthday party which both girls absolutely loved.  It was a fairy shop and it has such cool things for girls in that shop - all things dress up and fairy and they have this little party room at the back of the shop that is beautifully decorated.  Really magical.  The whole party is run by the people who own the shop and they do things like pin the wand on the fairy, pass the parcel, doing magical make-up and stickers, fairy dust and kids get to make a magical wish.  Caitlyn wished for a wiggly tooth so the tooth fairy would come and visit.

Caitlyn had to go back in the afternoon for a second party at the same venue and she absolutely loved it (again). It was again a lovely party, but by that time I was a little partied-out and ready to come back home.

And this is pretty much where we are now.  I hope your Saturday has been a good one.  What did you get up to?


Paul said...

You sure have been busy. Great that the girls are getting in to the cheerleading. You are good on suggestions and they definitely were good ones. Thanks for the support at Lembas Cafe!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Crikey I'm exhausted! You do keep busy, and if the cheerleading takes off you'll be traveling all over the place too.

Kevin and Ruth said...

You definitely keep yourself busy. I remember when our kids were younger we always seemed to be running here and there for their various activities.

I never knew that they started girls off so young for cheerleading. Looks like it would have been fun watching them put on their little show.

Kevin and Ruth

amanda said...

Wow! This is what I call hectic. Is there a job description for an "ouma" and preferably also sign-up papers for a union if one should decide to go on "strike"? Just kidding...looking forward to being with you all. The girls seem to be really enjoying the cheer leading. xxx

cat said...

Gosh I hate two party Saturdays-