Monday, April 16, 2012

Run - a Lyrical Sunday contribution

LatteJunkie does a feature every week and this week the prompt is Run (Paul, this is a great one for you to participate in as you have a song(s) all about running). 

This feature is meant to get the creative juices flowing so whatever fits the theme goes.  I don't always participate because sometimes I am lost for words and creativity fails me.  Actually I could have probably just given her the link for the blog entry I did on Saturday which was all about running really (if you haven't yet and want to go and read the entry, you can click here). 

Why don't you also participate and leave your link here (click here).

So today I will share something that I wrote a little while back.

Some say I am blessed
But I am simply possessed
With the thoughts and the words
Running through my head

Constantly and non-stop
Flowing like a stream
Fluttering and fighting
All the time it seems

And yet the words
Are forever trapped inside
Protecting the one
I'm running from to hide

And so I scribble
Random thoughts for you to read
And hope you see between the lines
Where dream and reality meet

Okay, so this one isn't about running in the actual sense of the word.  But if you could see inside my head you would see just how many thoughts and words constantly run through my head.  Just the other day Paul told me that my mind works overtime and that it must be hard to keep up with myself sometimes.  He wouldn't have a problem keeping up though because he is such a fast runner who likes to run a lot.  :-).  But yes, I think my mind really does work overtime a lot of the time with ideas that tend to run away from me.


LatteJunkie said...

Thank you so much for linking up! The beauty of Lyrical Sunday is that you can interpret the prompt in any way :) I'm often thankful for that when I get brainfreeze on Saturday night :)

I really enjoyed reading your poem, I find that I often have words falling over themselves that need to be heard but I can't write them all out... So I rely on people knowing me well enough that they can read between the lines...

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Your mind is working overtime and I'm out of my mind, and it may be gone sometime! lol

Paul said...

I like your poem a lot, Lea! It seems an apt description of what I know of you! As you know I have a Racing Mind... a song we both like!

Anonymous said... least you won't have any cobwebs up the around the grey matter. Haha! Keep running! Sue

john bain said...

The last verse is what I always hope for too.

Jess said...

I love that you have used the word Run so creatively. Beautifully written and a pleasure to read.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I love it Lea you write how I feel.
My mind is racing constantly too so I know how you feel. Even in my sleep it is racing, Sometimes I wish it would slow down but I like it now I guess. B