Friday, April 6, 2012

When they get the weather prediction wrong...

Have to say that sometimes it is great when they get it wrong.  Just yesterday when I was chatting to Rose on Skype I was telling her that it is a bit of a worry because they were predicting gusty southerlies for today and with our planned training session (today instead of Saturday) I wasn't sure how good that would be. 

Instead we had the most lovely sunny day with blue skies and no wind


Our training session this morning was a biking session.  We started off at the Raumati Beach car park and then cycled the same way as the Kapiti Women's Triathlon route until we got to a point where it was sufficiently quiet.  Lynley then explained good technique for going around corners and roundabouts which we practised a number of times and then after a while it was time to head back.

This afternoon we took the girls to the beach for a bit as it was such a nice day and we may as well take advantage of the good weather.  They are already getting on each other's nerves a bit and it is only the start of the holidays...

Caitlyn's writing in the sand


Marcia (123 blog) said...

What great weather! I love the pic of the girls in silhouette :)

Paul said...

Perfect biking weather. Hope your training went well. Great shots of the girls!

Ellie said...

It's great when the weather men get in wrong in a good way isn't it. Looks like you had a fab day at the beach.

Lea in Mississippi said...

Hello Lea,
Wonderful beach photos!
They are having so much fun!
Happy Easter!
Lea's Menagerie