Tuesday, February 28, 2012

About the last minute and being rescued when I was lost

You know what they say about the last minute, don't you?  That nothing ever gets done if it wasn't for the last minute?  The last minute and I are very good friends indeed.  We know each other so well.  So here I am and I've known how long about the upcoming talks in March?  Well surprise surprise, my first talk is on Friday.  That would be this coming Friday.  The one that is just a few days away.  Right now I have an idea for an opening and ending and the bit in between?  Not so much.  So guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning after I have dropped off the kids at school - that's right I'll be sitting down and working out my 30 minute talk.

Yesterday I had a very kind-hearted gentleman helping me.  He saw that I was completely lost and he smiled at me and told me he would help me. 

What happened was this - we had a blocked shower drain.  Terence then said that I should go to the local Mitre 10 and get some number 8 wire that he could use to somehow do what he needs to do to unblock this drain (quite frankly being a girl, I choose not to think too much about this and instead leaving it up to Terence to sort out). 

So yesterday afternoon I set off to Mitre 10 where they had this big "closing down" sale sign.  Walked in and asked the lady if they had some number 8 wire.  Which they didn't.  She suggested I go to the Farmlands store which is really a farming supply store of some sort.  Got there and the young girl behind the counter said that their Otaki store would have.  I wasn't in the mood to drive all the way to Otaki just to buy a piece of wire to unblock a drain.  She suggested I try Bunnings Warehouse.  Got there and the lady took me to the shelf where they had all their wire stock.  "Is this number 8 wire?" (as that was the explicit instruction - it had to be number 8 wire, nothing else) and we both looked at it and really had no clue.  To me wire is wire.  And right at that moment I realised that I was completely lost.  Terence's fault really for sending a girl into a hardware store. 

It is then that this kind gentlemen came to my rescue.  He smiled ever so sweetly and then explained that it was 12-gauge wire.  And I'm sure I must have had this vacant, lost look in my face.  He then pointed to another role which he said was closer to the number 8 wire I was asking for.  I looked at it and then said that there is no way I am going to be able to pay $68 for a roll of wire just so my husband could unblock a drain. 

He then came to my rescue.  He offered to give me a piece from his own stock (he's a farmer so that's something they use apparently).  Now the knight in shining armour didn't have a white horse waiting outside for him, he did instead have a blue ute with his dog on the back.  So Mr Farmer, whoever you are (sorry I forgot to get your name), thank you so much for helping out, you are very kind indeed!


Lien - all new adventures said...

Love it when a complete stranger comes to rescue during a time of need. What a kind gentleman, indeed! Number 8 wire - I'm baffled that you went looking for it and was sent around the mulberry bush - isn't that a NZ stable?

I watched the movies that you've made - well done! Bianca's update one is lovely. So great to see her flourishing. I bet Paul was grateful for his one. You are so helpful.


Paul said...

What a saga to get some wire. I'm sure you will be great in your talk as no-one I know can talk like you!

Susan said...

I thought he was 'having a lend of you'. Like sending someone to buy a lefthand scewdriver! Susan.

blackhuff said...

It's great how we still get people who are so kind of heart. Especially a stranger. Glad he could help.
Good luck with Friday :)