Friday, February 3, 2012

Windows, running, cycling and not so much swimming

Thank you Linda for tagging me.  I'm definitely keen to participate and will do so soon :-)

Have you ever done something and then it was worse in the end than it was when you started? 

We have these windows in our lounge and they are pretty high up, right up against the ceiling.  Standing on a chair I couldn't reach it properly and we have this small little step ladder which isn't much use either.  I haven't yet tried putting the step ladder on the chair because then I'd probably do my next entry from a hospital bed...  Anyway, so for a while now the high windows were a bit dusty and not really clean anymore and it started bugging me.  Now I have to be honest, cleaning windows is most definitely not one of my favourite chores (there is such a thing as favourite chores???).  So off I went to Mitre 10 and got one of those long window cleaning scrubbing things.  And it worked great.  No problem whatsoever.  Except when it dried it looked terrible!  Way worse than it looked before.  And it was one of those situations where I thought to myself that I really should have just left it the way it was...  Today I tried again and then afterwards sort of wrapped an old towel around the long window cleaning thingy to try and dry it up a bit and it looks better.  Still quite streaky.  Sigh!  It is clean, I promise.  It just doesn't look so great right now! 

Yesterday I went out and did a 12km bike ride which took me about 31 minutes and then a 4km run / walk which took me about 25 minutes.  We are meant to practise running straight after our bike ride so that our legs can get used to it and that is really tough.  For the first five minutes or so my legs felt really wobbly and it was a huge struggle to keep moving.  I really pushed it even though my legs were most certainly not happy with me.  I think right now I enjoy the cycling probably more than the running even though I am still really slow.

I was going to go for my swimming lesson tonight, but sadly earlier today my left ear started feeling sore and I'm wondering if I might not have a bit of an ear infection starting.  I hope not, but just didn't feel up to the swim lesson tonight.  I hope it feels fine tomorrow morning.  We are meant to be doing a sea swim (which I must be honest is freaking me out a bit). 

So what did you get up to today?  What do you have planned for the weekend?


Paul said...

Well done keeping up the exercise even though it is hard. And I hope your ear comes right!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I am SO very impressed by your window-cleaning efforts and by how you're pushing through on the exercise :)

blackhuff said...

I'm so impressed by your biking. You did great and I believe that you feel good about your effort. Well done.

Ellie said...

Well done in persevering with the exercise even though your legs were wobbling - I have to admit I would probably have stopped.
Hope your ear gets better and doesn't turn out to be an ear infection.

Lien - all new adventures said...

At least you tried to clean the windows - I would have left it in the too hard basket and that would be that :-)

Well done on the cycling and the running. When I get back to NZ I definately need to get into the fitness thing again - way too much consumption of food these last couple of weeks!


cat said...

Started Saturday mor ing with yoga and loved it.

Raphael Jeanfrancois said...

What a coincidence! I used to be enrolled in a swimming class, and I found it so difficult to learn the Butterfly. It took me a week to finally get it down pat. Also, Lea, have you tried the vacuum window cleaner? It has an adjustable neck that can help you in cleaning, so you won't need things like a ladder or window "thingy", LOL.