Monday, February 6, 2012

Lyrical Sunday contribution - Memory

Okay I know it is not Sunday, but it feels like a Sunday with it being a public holiday.  Am joining in with LatteJunkie's feature and this week the prompt is Memory (click here).  Would love it if you could also participate.  Doesn't have to be poetry, can be anything else representing this prompt!  Make sure you visit LatteJunkie's blog and leave your link!

21 Years ago!  That's me in the middle between my grandmother and my brother!  My cousin Murray was the baby.

Here is a poetry attempt.  Not one of my best, but at least I tried...


A fog in my mind
The ebbs and the flow
Moments and snippets
Of a time long ago

Can hear your voice
In the back of my mind
Where long it's been buried
A quiet place to hide

Look into my eyes
You're still living there
At times far away
Sometimes quite near

You come out to play
In the depths of my dreams
Sometimes I wonder
How long ago it seems

Where are you now?
What happened to you?
When I look at the stars
Are you looking at them too?

If I could go back
Just one moment in time
I'd spend it with you
Special friend of mine!

And a last one for this particular feature.  One I recently wrote and added to this blog (click here).  A very specific memory...

Just Because

A little secret
Just for you and me
We'll hang on to it
And then you'll see
Haunting in your dreams
I'll be right there
Caring...or so it seems
At least that's what we'll say
This is the way
It's going to be
Pretend not to see
What lies beneath the eyes
Ignoring the questions
The what if and why?
Just because...
I said so...
The end!


LatteJunkie said...

Thanks so much for joining up.

I love the poems. They have me asking questions and nodding at the same time.

Your photo is lovely, I don't have any photos with my grandmother here with me... A good reminder to have my mum post some over!


Paul said...

Love your Memory poem, Lea! Special memories of the past are always there to come alive in the present.

Maria said...

Lovely poems Lea :-)

cat said...

Lovely poems. I have been missing my one gan so much

Jess said...

Beautiful memories shared.