Friday, February 24, 2012

Music and swimming

This afternoon I helped Paul with some YouTube recordings.  Paul has his own YouTube channel and for a while now I've been recording him playing some of his music.

Recently Paul introduced me to the world of Elliott Smith and I became hooked from the first time I heard the incredibly beautiful Waltz No 2.  Since then Paul and I often caught up on email discussing which of Elliott Smith's songs we liked most or discussing some of the CDs Paul gave me to listen to or discussing our thoughts on what Elliott Smith's lyrics might mean or represent.

I recently wrote this poem.  I've had some thoughts running through my mind since starting to read a book on Elliott Smith that I borrowed from Paul:

Wish I could've known you
Could've seen inside your head
Live the world through your eyes
Hear the words that you shared
In the songs that you wrote
That at times you spoke
A tormented soul
Forever looking for reason
And answers
In a world that moved too fast
And never understood
(I've added this poem along with a few other new ones I wrote on my other blog, if you are interested, feel free to click here).

Today I suggested that Paul does a few Elliott Smith numbers for our recording session.  In particular I love this one that Paul did (click here).  To read Paul's blog entry on Elliott Smith, click here.

Sadly Paul and I couldn't finish our recording session as Rose and I had to rush off to swimming so we'll need to schedule another session soon!

Tonight's swimming lesson was really good.  Rose and I decided to carry on with our swimming lessons as we are making some progress (even if it doesn't always feel like it) and we'll use it as preparation for the next triathlon now in March.

I think finally Rose and I are starting to understand some of the technique and in tonight's session Val took us back to some of the basics to help us focus on keeping our bodies straight, arms slower and more effective breathing.  It made a huge difference for me as I was way less exhausted than I usually am after these sessions. 

Unfortunately I am going to miss next week's session as I have to go off and do the first of my 3 talks for CCF.  So this coming week I'll need to start preparing.


Ellie said...

Both you and Paul have a wonderful way with words - I'm quite envious of that.
I've not heard of Elliot Smith before I will have to take a listen to him.
Well done with the swimming - there is quite a lot of technique to swimming isn't there?

Paul Forster said...

It was fun recording the Elliott Smith songs and neat to share his music with you. Sounds like the swimming is coming along well! Roll on the next triathlon!

cat said...

Wonderful music and words