Saturday, February 4, 2012

A good session

My tip for the day is - don't drink sea water!  I will tell you another thing - this morning I probably received my lifetime supply of sodium! 

This morning's training session was different than before.  For one I willingly went to a training session when the weather wasn't particularly nice.  It looked rather miserable and a sleep in seemed rather tempting, but I got myself up and ready and off I went.  So for that in itself I think I deserve a medal :-).  To actually go out exercising when it is raining - that's not something I have willingly done before (okay once before and I hated it).  But in hindsight it actually wasn't too bad.  I think I preferred this drizzly cloudy day to a hot sunny day and it wasn't particularly cold and bonus - the sea was really calm!

The other new thing for me was to actually go into the sea to swim.  Now normally I go just a tiny bit deeper than ankle deep and then I will tell the kids that that is deep enough.  I don't like cold water for one and for another really don't feel all that confident in the sea.  But there I was in a sea swimming training session.  The water was cold!  And I think once I must have stepped on a crab and it nipped me on my foot (wasn't really painful thankfully because I lifted my foot up as soon as I felt movement).

I really didn't enjoy swimming in the sea to be honest, but thankfully we don't go too deep and I am still able to stand when I need to.  And boy did I swallow sea water!  It was disgusting! 

Then after that it was quickly getting ready for our bike ride.  I decided to just go in what I was wearing otherwise it wastes too much time getting ready for the bike ride.  We did a 12km ride again and initially it was a bit tougher than last week because it is quite tiring swimming in the sea and then having to run out.  I have to say between the swimming, running and biking I enjoy the biking probably the most.  I didn't time myself today, but it was a rather enjoyable ride!

Tonight the girls and I will be baking and wrapping presents - tomorrow is Terence's birthday!

What did you get up to today?  What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Ugh! I remember swallowing great gobfuls of water in the past! And ya know how big my gob is!! :D Today we met Michael at the post shop to get him his reggo for his car, it's a been a right palaver! But all done now. Went and got some polythene sheeting for the glasshouse frame, which really should be a polythene house lol! The chooks are eating the ruddy tomatoes, so this will hopefully keep them out!

Paul said...

Most impressed with your exercise efforts. Drinking sea water is not pleasant! Wish Terence a happy birthday from me!

cat said...

I am totally impressed

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Very impressed! I went to gym today again (2nd Sat in a row - amazing!) so hopefully am developing a good habit.

Happy birthday to Terence

Bron said...

Well done Lea! It is inspiring and motivating to read your blog updates on your challenging training sessions. I am making an effort to get fit now...slowly but surely.
I am a novice jogger & blogger:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERENCE!! Best wishes from Bron & Bran