Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've been tagged - Randomness-11

Linda (click here for her blog) recently tagged me in a Randomness-11 post.  I promised her that I would be a good sport and participate :-).  So here goes:

First the rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in your tagger's post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers YOU tag to answer.
5. Tell the bloggers you've tagged that they're it.
6. Oh, and no stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if reading this". 

11 Random things about me:

I don't like "mushy" vegetables.  For instance I'll eat pumpkin fritters, but don't like mushy pumpkin on my plate.

I like brussel sprouts and even asked for it one year as a child when I could choose something special for my birthday dinner. Not sure if my brother was very impressed with my choice...

I have always enjoyed writing.  As a child I enjoyed writing little poems and creative writing was my strongest area at school.

I enjoy playing boardgames as long as they are not too strategic like Risk or Chess - I'm useless with those.

When I discover a song I really like I tend to listen to it over and over until I pretty much know all the words - much to Terence's frustration.

I got my ears pierced when I was about 7 or 8.  I only got it pierced because another little girl said that only girls with earrings get to sit on Santa's lap :-).  You won't often see me wearing earrings - not because I don't like them, but when I started high school they had a strict no jewellery rule and I had to take them out and since then I've gotten into the habit of not wearing any.

I love eating things like prawns, but you won't find me shelling them.  I cannot stand the shell, feelers and eyes.

Terence and I did Ballroom / Latin American dancing in the first few years together before we had kids.  We learnt to do 11 different dances.  We each had our own instructors because we would argue each time we would dance together.  Neither of us are particularly good rhythm-wise, but following the steps we learnt were able to look half decent at functions :-).  One of my favourite memories was when I did an exhibition dance with my instructor and it was a rumba on the song Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Do you remember the outfit you made Mum?

I enjoy baking, but most definitely don't feel inspired by cooking.  I'm probably the most boring cook you'll ever find.

Shortly after Bianca was born I made up a little "sleepy time" song for her and up until recently she would still ask for it at bed time (but now she's too grown up...).  Caitlyn still insists we sing it to her every single night.

I don't like having my photo taken!  I'd much rather be the one behind the camera taking photos.

Now to answer Linda's questions:

1. Have you ever travelled to another country and where?
I was born and grew up in South Africa.  In 1997 Terence and I briefly visited Bulawayo in Zimbabwe (he has family there) and of course in 2004 we moved to New Zealand. 

2. Do you have a bucket list and what is the most crazy thing on it?
I don't have a bucket list right now.  But I usually have fairly crazy ideas driving others completely insane when I drag them along...  Normally I start with a simple idea and then it just grows and grows.

3. Are you afraid of anything silly?
Spiders and needles.  

4. What did you dream of being when you were a little girl?
When I was a little girl I thought I'd write poetry or books when I was all grown up which I was told was a stupid idea and that I should forget about it.  Later on I thought I'd become an accountant or a journalist.  Neither of these really happened.  I did though at the age of about 11 thought it would be cool to marry somebody who was English speaking (I was Afrikaans) and that happened as Terence's first language is English...  As a child 2 friends and I were going to start a band and even had our name figured out, only problem was Jackie was the only one of the three of us who could actually sing and play an instrument.  I still sometimes wish I was able, but I'm a bit short talent-wise I think.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
This totally depends on my mood.  Sometimes I'm more tolerant than other times. 

6. What is your dream job?
My dream job is probably one where I could come up with lots of fun ideas like the Funrazor I planned and put together.

7. What kind of books do you enjoy?
I enjoy some fiction, but also a lot of books dealing with particular problems and in particular I enjoy a book on Elliott Smith right now.  My Dale Carnegie book is a great read!

8. Do you hide treats (candy) from your kids as your secret stash? (what? am I the only one??)
Candy doesn't last long enough to go into a secret stash :-)

9. Veggies or Candy?
What kind of a question is this? :-).  I like some veggies, but if I had a choice definitely candy.  Especially if the candy is made from chocolate!

10. Do you write thank you cards? 
Not always.  Although I do send thank you emails!  Does that count?

I now tag these people:

Here are my questions for you:
  1. What is the movie you enjoy watching the most and why?
  2. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
  3. Coffee or Tea?
  4. When you were at school, what was your favourite subject?
  5. What is the one thing you hope to achieve this year?
  6. What have you done / achieved (to date) that you are the most proud of?
  7. What did you like most about today?
  8. What happened in 2011 that surprised you the most?
  9. What is your favourite colour?
  10. If we had to do something together today what activity would you choose for us to do?


Linda Noullet Irwin said...

I loved reading this stuff about you! First I have no clue what a pumpkin fritter is and if pumpkin is on my plate it is in a pie or dessert! Second- I have never eaten a Brussels sprout! Lol but I hear they are icky. :-) I do the same with songs - I you tube them on my phone!

Crazy about no jewelry in high school. Is that common or were you at a private school?

Ellie said...

Very interesting reading your interesting facts. I also love brussel sprouts - I'm the only one in the house that eats them.
When I was 10 our family moved to Rhosedia for 18 months - I lived in a town called Gwelo.

cat said...

What a really fun post ! And brussel sprouts is about the ony veggie I do not eat.

Paul said...

I think you should pursue your dream job and poetry writing as you are extremely good at both. Glad you like the Elliott Smith book...I loved it! Thanks for tagging me I think!

blackhuff said...

Spiders is not a silly fear - I say that I can relate to that fear too much.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love these random posts and thank you for the tag, your questions are great :)

LatteJunkie said...

Thanks for the tag.... :D

I had similar ambitions growing up and our school had the stud only earring rule.

I like learning more about you :D

Hayley said...

Oooh yay, i always love these...you always find out such interesting random stuff.

Thanks for the tag!