Monday, February 13, 2012

A new little project

Recently Paul and I worked on another little project.  It's my fault really because I get an idea and then I tend to drag people along and sometimes often these ideas have a habit of growing.

I saw a competition on Facebook.  Wiggle was doing an Athlete search.  Now it is not the Wiggles as in the Australian guys singing kids' songs, no it's an online company selling a wide range of athletic gear (I bought my shoes from them and they were like $130 cheaper than in the shops). The main prize looked pretty cool and so I thought since Paul is the best athlete I know and certainly one of the most dedicated and inspirational athletes I know, I thought it would be perfect for him to enter.  So one morning I emailed him and sent him the info suggesting he might like to enter.  Simple right?  Except it is me coming up with the ideas and in my world things are never simple.  I then started thinking that maybe we should make a video clip where he could share a bit about himself - sort of like a summary of himself.  In that moment the project then became quite a bit bigger.

Considering I only had our little Canon digital camera to work with and limited video editing abilities, I think the video clip came out really well.

Please will you click on this link and vote for Paul (click here).  He really is an amazing athlete with loads of achievements.  Every vote counts!

Here is the video clip that Paul and I put together featuring Paul's new song Keep on Track.  Let me know what you think!  And if you are not familiar with Paul, you can visit his blog here (click here).


Ellie said...

Hi Leah, I've seen the video and voted for Paul. It's a very good wee video and the song is great. Hope he does well with it.
Well done you for coming up with the idea. And that was some saving on your trainers.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Saw the link of Facebook earlier and went to vote but not sure of it worked or not, it didn't seem to do anything :( Will try again now through the link here :D Good luck Paul!! :D

Paul said...

I think the video came out great and I think the proof in that is the number of votes I have got through it. Even though it's been a lot of work it has been well worth or not. If I don't win it won't be from a want of trying!

blackhuff said...

I rather like it how you get other people involved in your ideas. That is how the world tends to become a better place.

Kevin and Ruth said...

He definitely has my vote. As I said to Paul you two have a great friendship and really support each other.