Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something on a Wednesday...

Something that made me laugh:

Something that makes me cry:

No child should ever have to fight cancer.  No parent should ever have to hear the words "your child is going to die" :'-(

Something that is sore:

Sigh!  I'm just not winning.  So apart from working on fixing the right leg's injury, I now have an injury on my left leg.  I'm starting to think this running thing is maybe not for me.

Something that scared me:

I don't actually know where this particular picture was taken.  It's not one of mine.  Tonight we had a swim session in the sea as part of our training.  The waves were rough!  The water was warm enough, the day was beautiful, but those waves were big and they kept coming.  Rose and I could not get past them to actually get to the buoy.  Thankfully this is a low key situation and at the event we don't have to go deeper than we feel comfortable and if we cannot reach the buoy then that's no the end of the world.  Does anybody know how to deal with this????  So right now I'm not sure I want to do the sea swim part of the triathlon and should maybe downgrade to a duathlon instead.  I think the biggest thing for me is that I have this big mental thing about swimming in the sea and of course Rose and I forgot everything Val taught us during our swimming (shhh, don't tell Val).  But for now I'll wait until registration day to make my decision. 

Something that is exciting:

Saturday I'll be heading off to Auckland to go and see Roxette!  I cannot wait!

How was your day?


Paul Forster said...

You're having a bad run...pardon the pun! I feel sad that you are having so much trouble when you've been so keen to improve your fitness. I know what you mean about the sea. I can swim but not in the sea!

blackhuff said...

How exciting regarding your concert Roxette. That's going to be cool.
Yes, no parent nor child should have to go through cancer.
Sorry to hear about your leg.

Buttons said...

Oh my dear Lea I truly think you are already a winner you do not have to prove this to me.I am sure you will decide what is best for you.
I loved the first one it did make me laugh.
The second one makes me very sad. I just found out a young talented artist I know 30 was diagnosed with cancer, he has no family, and my friend just told me she had a biopsy and it was cancer they removed it she has three kids. I am so sick of cancer.It makes me very sad.
You keep going Lea you can do anything you put your mind to. You are one of the strongest women I know.
Take care of those knees OK.
By the way my girls and I know every Roxette song. We would sing it on every drive when they were kids great memories. Have fun. Hug B

Ellie said...

You are so right about cancer - no parent or child should have to go through that.
Hope your knees feel better real soon.
There is real power behind those waves - no wonder it is scary.

cat said...

Totally atal misspelling

Bron said...

Lea, I am no expert on running as I am learning about getting fit myself. I wanted to share advice that has helped me in case it can help you reach your goal.
I wonder if perhaps you are experiencing so much pain as maybe you are doing too much too soon with your training. “Slowly but surely”
We had a session at my 'run clinic' tonight on injury prevention and the physio therapist emphasized how we should all incorporate a stretching routine into each day and particularly after exercise.