Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disappointment, training and school visits

I was supposed to be on my way to Auckland to see Roxette tonight, but sadly and much to my disappointment it was cancelled on Thursday night.  The one singer became sick on the flight to Auckland.  But I guess perhaps it was fate's way of saying I should rather go to the Saturday training instead.  And so off I went this morning.  Even if I wasn't feeling in the mood.  Even if my lower back seems a bit sensitive for some reason and my legs are still not right. Let nobody say I'm not dedicated! :-)

The sea was thankfully much calmer.  I still didn't go in as deep as some others, but it was manageable.  And the run was not surprisingly quite hard, but I seemed to have coped okay and it wasn't too much of a struggle.  It could of course just be my fear of failure starting to kick in...

I'm happy to say Caitlyn's first school visit yesterday went extremely well.  I was an amazing Year 1 kid (yes parents have to stay during the visit) and I learnt how to make a "d", we did some Letterland stuff, and we did some writing.  We also did some counting from 1 - 20 and then backwards from 10 and some other math things.  So I feel very clever right now!  :-).

Caitlyn had a great time.  She enjoyed being part of it all and I think she was especially happy that I stayed with her during this session.  Caitlyn is proud that she is able to "read" her first 2 books and the teacher gave it to us to bring home so she can keep practising.  The kids also had to do some writing and Caitlyn did pretty well.  I have about 260 photos to work through and will share some soon.  Caitlyn's next visit will be next week Thursday and I'll be there for that session and then she is all on track to start on the 22nd as a full time big school kid.

How is your Saturday going?  Any plans for the weekend?


Ellie said...

Oh that's a shame you didn't get to go and see Roxy - can you not go another time?
Well done with the swim and run - you are indeed dedicated.
Glad to hear you got on alright as school along with you daughter.
Have a great weekend.

Maria said...

You're doing so well with your training Lea. Shame about the show being cancelled but maybe they will re-schedule? Have a lovely weekend :-)

Susan said...

Where are you swimming Lea? If it's in the ocean, you're gamer than I am. We've had too many shark attacks here lately.
Hi Caitlyn, Hi Bianca! Are you enjoying school?

Julia said...

Ah...that is SUCH a bummer. All that anticipation for nothing. Sorry.xx
Did you know that I LOVE swimming in the sea?LOVE it. Seriously. Endorphins like nothing else. So glad that Caitlin had a good day.

Paul said...

Well done with your dedication to training even though you are going through some rough times. Real shame about the concert since you are so in to them!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Lea, that's terrible about Roxette! I feel your disappointment!

blackhuff said...

I'm so sad to read that your concert was cancelled. What happens in cases like these? Do you get your money back and from where do you get it back from?