Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rambling thoughts on a Saturday

Finally got my triathlon time - 1:17:53.  I'm really proud as I was expecting it would take me about 1 hour 30 minutes. So now I'll need to work on trying to improve this time for next year.

Tomorrow is Caitlyn's birthday party.  She is so excited and right now I'm busy getting her cake sorted.  The party will be the same as last year because it worked well. Will share photos after the party tomorrow :-)

As I sat here making lots of teddies we'll be using for Caitlyn's cake I had quite a few thoughts running through my mind.  Just some random thoughts really:

Knocking on the door
With gentle steps
Across the floor
A risk perhaps
What were the odds?
But it was there
A flickering light
Beneath the eyes
Not quite sure
Of the what and the why
But no regrets
No looking back
It's constant
At least for now
That it might last
Afraid it might not
This moment
That rests in my heart

I'll be adding this to my other blog along with my other attempts because I thought it is good to have a space where I keep them all.  So if you are interested you can click here.

I better sign off as I need to get this cake done.  I hope your Saturday was a good one :-)


Paul said...

Love your poem, Lea! Hope all goes well for Caitlyn's party! I meant to say earlier well done in the triathlon. Should be happy with the time!

Susan said...

Really beaut that you exceeded your expected time!
Have fun putting together Caitlyn's cake - good choice having teddies on it :D)

cat said...

Great peom. Enjoy the party

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

well done on the time! Have fun at the party! ♥

Ellie said...

Well done on a great time - I bet you are very pleased.
Happy Birthday to Caitlyn for tomorrow I hope she has a great day.

Ellie said...

Me again, I meant to say I love your poem :))

Susan said...

You're so clever Lea. Good for you for getting thigs done in record time. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Have a wonderful party. Hugs Maa

Linda Noullet Irwin said...

Awesome on the triathlon time!!!

Tomorrow is Tristan's birthday party too! Happy Birthday to Caitlyn! How old is she turning now? Tristan is turning 7

Maria said...

Sounds like you did very well in the triathlon! Bet you all had a lovely time with Caitlyn's party :-)