Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Torture Wednesday

I really wish that either a Wednesday started with a 'T' or that my physio appointment was on a Tuesday or Thursday because Torture Tuesday or Torture Thursday has a much better ring to it than Torture Wednesday.

This morning the Torture Master used his special friend.  A plastic green torture devise that he used to really dig into my left calf muscle to try and release the big knot I apparently have there. He did explain what this particular area on my leg is called where it is injured.  Something something tibia something something.  So I just smiled and nodded and kindly asked him to please speak English.  So right now my leg is not too happy with the treatment it received this morning.

Caitlyn has her second to last daycare day today with Tuesday being the very last.  She was also going to have a session tomorrow but she has a school visit again and this time we'll be there over lunch time.  Today in exactly one week Caitlyn will be 5 and will officially start Year 1!

I read a blog entry that Marcia recently wrote about a particular place that she visited 3 years ago and in an instant she remembered it all - all to the last little bit of detail (click here).  And it made me think back to the time we just came back from Auckland and I walked through the North City shopping mall at Porirua.  And instantly it was like I was back in 2007.  I remembered taking Bianca to the hair dressers and asking them to cut her hair as short as possible since she would be losing it soon anyway.  I remembered the day we decided to get her hair shaved.  I can still see Bianca sitting on the seat with Caitlyn in her pram happily smiling at us.  Walking past the pharmacy I could remember standing there waiting in line to get Bianca's chemo script, but they didn't have enough in stock and asked that we come back the next day which we couldn't because you're not meant to skip days of chemo and so we had to rush back to the city.  I could see myself walking up and down the aisles in New World at 9pm at night wondering what to get myself for dinner (as Bianca and Terence were at the hospital).  It was like being back in the moment. 

Do you get days like that?  I sometimes do and the last few days I've had quite a few trips down memory lane going as far back as 25 - 27 years ago (now I just feel old!!!).

But anyway, I'm rambling.  How is your Wednesday going?  What are your plans for the rest of the week?


Paul said...

I have regular trips down memory lane. In fact as you know Elliott Smith has a song by that name. I hope your trips are mostly pleasant! Don't mention age as you are a spring chicken compared to myself although you might not feel that in the hands of the torture master! I think that's enough rambling from me. Hope the physio bears fruit!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

How about Wednesday Wince!! :D

cat said...

Ai, the physio! I also have frequent flash backs depending on the situation

Marcia (123 blog) said...

If I click the link I get an error page but yes, I am often transported back in an instant!

I have infertility support group tomorrow and I know those evenings are sometimes hard because I FEEL with each girl when they share their story.

How did B respond to the hair coming off?

Lien - all new adventures said...

I cried reading this post - at work no less.

It's funny how the details of a memory become vivid when it is triggered - the human brain is a marvel indeed.