Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nothing much happening here...

I wrote another blog entry and then Terence told me that I was just being stupid and so I thought that maybe yes I was and so I removed it. 

Today Bianca had an early finish at school as there are parent / teacher interviews at school today.  And because it is such a lovely day Bianca walked home by herself.  Tonight we'll quickly meet Bianca's teacher.  It will be a great opportunity for Terence to actually meet him and to see where her class is.  I met with Bianca's teacher last year already - just briefly and so he is well aware of my expectations for the year and I think we have a good plan in place to ensure Bianca will have a fantastic year.  There is not much they can discuss just yet about learning progress, but my understanding so far is that Bianca has settled well into her new class.  I'm looking forward to learning more about specific class expectations and routines because Bianca doesn't always give a full account of anything.  You know you'll say to her "so what did you do in class today?" and she'll say "I forgot!".  Sigh!  Kids!

Tomorrow Caitlyn has her first school visit and I think she is feeling a bit scared and I am expecting tears.  But hopefully after tomorrow she'll feel much more confident.  Unfortunately some of Bianca's friends have been freaking Caitlyn out and they have decided to "gang up" against her and bombard her with questions about things they know she won't know, completely freaking her out until she is visibly upset.  So we've started limiting some of the play dates for now.

Caitlyn's party venue is booked.  She is so excited she can hardly wait.  So today I'm writing out invitations and so on.  It will mostly be what we did last year as that worked well.  In less than 2 weeks Caitlyn will turn 5!  It is so hard to believe.

Later this afternoon Bianca will have her first cheerleading session of the year and she is so excited.  The setup has changed a bit and it will be interesting to see how things go.  Bianca will be in the same team as last year and she is keen to do the competition again at the end of the year and possibly a duo with one of the other girls.  So we'll see.  It is nice that Bianca has found activities she really enjoys and is keen to stick with them. 

Not sure what Caitlyn will want to do in the end.  For now she'll only do swimming and other than that I'll just let her settle into year 1 this first term.

And other than that we're just having a quiet ordinary almost boring kind of day.  How is your day going?


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Ya know I am 48 yrs old this month and I still remember my first day at school. I remember sitting in a hall waiting for my name to be called out and when it was I just about ran into my class, my teacher, Miss Windrum (I think)had to come call me back to say goodbye to my mum who was standing at the door! No allowing parents into classrooms back then! I was 5 and had never been to preschool or nursery beforehand. I remember also playing with the dolls house, making things with bright new plasticine and doing a collage of an elephant with newspaper photos, cos they are mainly grey! Amazing eh that I can remember those details from so long ago, and yet I can't remember where I left me fecking glasses five minutes ago! Sigh! I'm sure Caitlyn will be fine.

Lien - all new adventures said...

Now I want to know what you said in the blogpost you deleted!

Kids grow up so fast, and as I read your post I felt a pang of panic that pretty soon (in a few years) we will be facing this.

Your day sounded lovely - thought provoking and realistic.

Enjoy whats left of your evening. Did you see the sky and clouds tonight in AKL? It was pretty cool :-)


Ellie said...

Oh I remember my first day at school as well, my poor mum. I remember crying and not wanting to go into the class - it must have been so hard for her.
My girls haven't done that - well Emma did a wee bit but she wasn't too bad.
It's a big thing going to school. I am at the other end of the scale my youngest only has a few more month and then leaves school - I may cry then lol.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I also want to know about that deleted blog post!

they are naughty to make her cry like that - poor thing.

can't wait to see your party.

it's POURING with rain today - lovely weather :)

Paul said...

The kids are going to keep you busy with their activities this year. Kids can be cruel sometimes! Poor Caitlyn!

cat said...

Poor kid, why do they do it to her.mope all goes well. And what was that post about? Reader of course gave me a bit of a teaser.

RosemaryO said...

Hoping Caitlyn's first day was one of "no tears" and happy times. I'm sure her day was wonderful! Full of fun and excitement. (hoping)

Susan said...

I hope it helped just to write out your unpublished blog entry Lea :D)

All the best to Caitlyn - am sure everything will work out ok. Lovely to read about how well Bianca is doing too.

Thank you for leaving your comments while I was away. They were most appreciated. Kind regards, Susan xx :D)